Thursday, April 15, 2021



This began as one painting.  But, in the Turner book, you needed to tape off the middle once dry and then spray one side to get more misty-looking work.  It didn’t quite work for me - maybe I used pigments that were more staining the ones in the book - so I made two different paintings out of the whole after cutting down the taped line.  

 Love the way the sky happened on this one.  Sometimes the pigment and water just do their thing in the right way and it’s best to leave it alone.  


Jennifer Rose said...

the sky colours did blend together really well 😀

laura said...

it's the best when the paints help you out! why I could never paint in any other medium.
I enjoy the simplicity of these and the colors!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jenifer and Laura. Yes, I like it when those watercolors are allowed to do what they do best - also why I wouldn’t want to paint in anything else!