Thursday, March 7, 2019


A friend of mine (thanks, Jane W!) gave me some Japanese art papers she purchased and couldn't use (she's a colored pencil artist and these papers are too thin and porous for that).  So I have 3 rolls of interesting paper.  I've used them for batik in the past but don't do that anymore so...just decided to dye a few sheets using watercolor.  

Not sure what the papers are called - there are so many names of the art papers.  These first 2 have fine little bits included and the last 2 have larger threads.

I will probably use them in collage work at some time.  

Right now, I'm not really painting.  I think it's the usual winter blues that's got me down.  Not feeling very creative so burying myself in books for a while.  

I did order some new supplies from Cheap Joe and that may perk me up when they come in.

Sweetie likes this last one the best (this one is made by pouring acrylic ink from a pour bottle).  Sweetie says this reminds him of ice frozen on a window :)  If ice on a window was this colorful, I might not have the winter blues!

I hope you are all feeling well, healthy, and thinking about spring.  We're having snow again - Mother Nature doesn't know (or doesn't care) that it's almost spring.  Until then...stay warm and safe.


Barbra Joan said...

Taking a step back is a good thing for our creativity.. We recharge and come back better.
Your papers are interesting, …

Chris Lally said...

Beautiful colors and patterns on those Japanese papers, Rhonda. Backgrounds seem like a good thing to do when winter gets you down. Reading, too! Maybe an inexpensive online class?
Anyway, help is on the way - new art supplies :)

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda, I admire your challenge spirit!! Great works! Btw, we're still enjoying summer. Cheers, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

I think about your art books, Barbra Joan, and some of these art papers would work with of these days I may play with that type of art, too. So many ways to be creative, so little time!!

Chris, thanks so much. Yes, just throwing paint around sometimes makes you feel like you’re doing something when you’re not doing much!

Sadami, thanks so much - ah, summer in Australia but I imagine not so hot? Spring will come here - according to the calendar it’s this month so I’m hoping it changes my lethargic attitude.

Jennifer Rose said...

rreally like the last one too, reminds me of nice graffiti :)

Anonymous said...

these papers work much better with you at the helm than me!