Saturday, August 25, 2018


Something begun to cool us down.

It's been too hot and humid here in Kentucky already this summer.

I lost the photo of this one (when my laptop died) so will have to work up something to make shadows again (or search on the external hard drive for the photo).  

Until then, this one will sit in space.


Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Rhonda,

Popsicles are a great idea when it's so hot. I was spooning up frozen fruit juice to cool down. We've had a few days of much cooler weather here, and even some rain. That was a godsend, as the wildfires here were creating such smoke, we had the worst air quality in the world!
Love your "possibles", as my niece used to call them :)


Debbie Nolan said...

I kind of like those floating juice bars...perhaps you really don't need shadows :)! Besides they melt so quickly anyway. Love your scarlet tanager from previous post. I have only spotted one in my woods once and never again. They are such a lovely bird. Well have a delightful end of August. Hugs!

Jennifer Rose said...

really great colours for the popsicles :)

was hot here in the beginning of summer, and now its def getting close to fall m:/

laura said...

Love this, Rhonda--what a great idea (in more ways than one)! Such a great subject: clearly delineated planes, bright colors ... and you did it so well

Chris Lally said...

It is too pretty to let it melt :}
I'm loving this color palette. Perfect for these hot days!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Kathryn, Debbie, and Jennifer Rose :)
Laura, hot and humid here and wishing for fall!!
Chris, thanks so much - I’m watching the US Open tennis matches being played in New York and they said it was 107 on one court! Those poor players are wilting...At least I can stay inside until the heat leaves.