Friday, February 23, 2018


I started this one using a few greens in the background and Shadow Violet in the crow.  I will add color or darkness to it next.  


Barbra Joan said...

I'm really liking these bird paintings.. and you know how I feel about the crows.
Hope to see this one finished.

Caroline Simmill said...

I didn't realise you built up the crow in stages. I thought it was a concentrated wet into wet technique. Having said that your crows are beautiful! I look forward to the next stage Rhonda.

Jennifer Rose said...

I actually like the ghost look it has at the moment :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Barbra Joan - we do love our crows!!
Caroline, I usually go in all at one with dark colors wet-in-wet or wet into dry, but wanted to try an underpainting and then darken it later - it works but I think either way works, too.

Thanks, Jennifer Rose. He is getting darker, which means the background will need something, too :) One little change and you have to change other things to make the whole work together (you know that with your 3D work and how you manipulate one thing and then another has to be changed a bit :)

Jennifer Rose said...

oh i know all too well how moving something with the 3D work can make other parts go all weird lol :p