Saturday, November 11, 2017


I put up my first post back in November 2006, eleven years ago!  Although late fall and early winter always puts me in a slight funk, I am going to continue with this blog, as it's the only way I get my work shown to anyone but me and the walls of my little art room.

So look for more stuff coming soon.  And happy anniversary to me!  Go back and take a look at what I was posting eleven years ago (if you have the time and interest).


Sadami said...

Congrats, happy, happy anniversary, Rhonda!! Let us keep on our journeys. I deeply appreciate the encounter with you by blogging and on the earth! Best wishes, Sadami

E.M. Corsa said...

Congrats to you Rhonda. I'm glad you're continuing since I enjoy reading it so much as I'm sure many others do too.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Sadami and Elizabeth. I cannot believe it's been 11 years already - how time seems to move so quickly as we age!
I am still impatient. I am still waiting for something better. I want to find the exact thing in my art that makes me stand out and makes me happy. Haven't found it yet!
I still feel I should be able to feel like I felt when I was 35 (when I was my strongest, I think), but that isn't going to happen. I work around disadvantages (oh, if I was only 20 and could take art classes and do more - but what keeps me from doing that now?!? but myself!)
So...another year of blogging and sharing. Perhaps I'll try for lucky 13 before I stop! ha ha

Bruce Sherman said...

Dear Rhonda!.... Good for you for sorting out your own reasons to continue posting. We all share some sadness in seeing how social media has influenced, and in my own belief feel how it has actually devalued fine art by placing such emphasis on competition and numbers.

Friends???... Have you ever thought how that "metric" is an accurate evaluation of popularity? Or page views??? Neither really tells you anything of depth or artistic criticism.

"Where have all the flowers gone"... great song HA HA!. But it brings a question to mind. I look at all of the "keeners" who once happily shared Blogger with us back in the "good ol'..." Nowhere to be seen for years now.Did Face Book, Etsy... eBay or any of the likes rocket them to stardom... or increase their sales???? Hmmm...I wonder???

Back to us. I always learn from you and your process - no competition required. Just a free forum for us to share with other artists. I look forward to the writing... (almost) as much as the actual painting. It helps me to think and plan and offers me an exra incentive, or reason to paint regularly... even beyond the actual sales opportunity that my work enjoys here in my own gallery space.

Painting offers me joy twice over. Once in the act of creating the work and then again when I share it.

Let your Light shine Rhonda. Keep painting and sharing. Your paintings and your shared comments are valuable!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Bravo, Rhonda! I look forward to more and more and more!

Studio at the Farm said...

My dear Rhonda, I wish you a happy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I have enjoyed your posts for about eight years. I am glad to read you are keeping on keeping on :)

PS - late Fall and winter are a stinker for me, too!!!

Hugs to you, Rhonda


Studio at the Farm said...

Rhonda, the happiest of HAPPY ANNIVERSARIES!!! I have been following your posts for almost eight years, and have enjoyed them all. I am glad you are keeping on "keeping on"!

PS - Fall and winter are stinkers for me, too.

Hugs to you, Rhonda!


Debbie Nolan said...

Wow Rhonda - eleven years is amazing. I am so glad I found your blog. You always have so much to share. Thank you for deciding to continue on...sure would be sad to not be able to come visit. Take care and enjoy this accomplishment. Hugs!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

happy blog anniversary! :) 11 years is a long time to keep a blog going

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Bruce. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting - and always giving me something to think about.
Thanks so much Kathryn, Pam, Debbie and Jennifer Rose. It has been a while!

Chris Lally said...

Way to go, Rhonda! Congratulations!!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Happy anniversary! I am glad that you are going to continue, I would miss you a great deal if you were to stop. I hope the shorter days pass quickly for you - I join you on the countdown to longer daylight hours. It feels like a kind of hibernation this time of year doesn't it. Onwards and upwards, I look forward to your next adventures.

laura said...

Wow. Sorry I missed your anniversary. 11 years ... And you've been experimenting, sharing, and growing the whole time!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Chris, Lisa, and Laura (better late than never, eh? ha ha). I couldn't have continued 11 years without the constant support and comments from friends such as yourselves, and your own generous sharing of your art journeys!