Saturday, June 17, 2017


A Delicate Balance

22 x 30 inches 
on Arches 140# coldpress
watercolor paper

Time has ticked right by since June began.  We worked on painting the deck, I cleaned in prep for Sweetie's sister to come and stay a while, we took a long weekend trip to the Chicago area and back (to see Sweetie's brother and sister and kin), and we had more visiting with Sweetie's sister as she saw people she wanted to see here in our area after returning back from the Chicago trip.  And, for some reason, I was in horrible back pain by Wednesday evening.  Why?  Oh, could be from painting the deck, cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, entertaining, sleeping on an air mattress for 2 nights during Chicago area visit.  Whatever caused it (or accumulated to it), it was painful to sit in the hard bottomed chair and listen to the program at Newport Aquarium Wednesday evening (although it was a good program, I was getting fidgety but it hurt to move and hurt not to move).  

This was as bad as it's been for a while - so took it easy, reading, feet propped up and ice on my back for 2 days but I was getting so antsy to get to my little art room and paint.  It's been so long!

So today - Saturday - I finally made it back to the magnolia painting I started earlier this month - and it's finished (or very close = may soften some edges).

Hope it was worth the wait!

And what have you been doing this June??


Sadami said...

Welcome back! The work is beautiful. Of course, I was looking forward to your posts and you need holidays. Very happy to await you until you feel comfy. Take a rest well and put your health first. ((Hugs)) Best wishes, Sadami said...

You've been busy! Sorry about your back pain. Glad you're back to watercolor. This painting is stunning.

E.M. Corsa said...

Oh Rhonda, I too have been missing your posts. But yes, this was well worth the wait. Just beautiful. Love the stark contrast with that rich background.

laura said...

Wow. This is gorgeous, Rhonda. I love the (lifted?) light spots in the background; they look like boku, the unfocused information in the background of a photo.
I have been busy too--I won't even begin to chronicle my herculean labors in the yard! Suffice it to say, every time I begin one project, I see something else that needs to be done.
Also doing work inside: my mother and brother got me some good tools for Christmas and I've been using them to make shelves and hang lattice!
Painting a deck is a maddeningjob--mine remains unpainted!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Sadami, Carol, Elizabeth and Laura. I am glad you felt it was worth the wait for the painting to finally be finished :). I felt the background needed that dark but open spots for skyholes, Laura, so did that with leaving whites and then touching with cerulean only. I have another on the drawing board so look for some more magnolias for a while. But resting my back today again - just a bit of pain and stiffness tells me in another 5 - 10 years this will be a real problem if I don't keep flexible (which I have not been doing since my Pilates instructor and friend left for Singapore).

Jennifer Rose said...

busy busy busy!

the painting is gorgeous :) the colours in the background and flower really work well together

I have been doing research for uni yay lol hopefully get to paint soon tho :)

debwardart said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Busy as a bee, Jennifer Rose! (Sorry, had to say it!) Hope you do get your brushes busy soon.

Thanks, Deb :)