Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The colors in this make me think of spring.

8 x 10 inches Strathmore printmaking paper, fluid acrylics and stamps.

Another one that turned out to have some interesting shapes and colors.  It might look better and more organic turned on its side...

This one made me think of circus performers...

At the Circus
Strathmore printmaking paper 
8 x 10 inches

Tried to make some acrylic skins a la Traci Bautista, but as soon as I pulled one off the sheet, it stuck to itself and was ruined :(  Must be a trick to it to get it to pull off without sticking to itself immediately.


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh lilacs and rain...Beautiful! And I could see your thoughts in the circus piece too! I love watching you experiment, Rhonda!

Carol Flatt said...

Isn't it amazing how excited we can get over a unique design or pattern in the results of printing? I've been so delighted at some results I have, but when I go to share with someone like a family member, I get, "Uh, well okay, Carol." Only other artists understand, I think!!

Ginny Stiles said...

I took Tracy's class too.
AND I just made an acrylic skin
AND I know just what you mean about not letting it stick to itself. Tracy did not pull it very far off in the video. Probably for that reason. The thicker you make them the easier they are to handle by the way. And I think maybe cutting off small pieces might be a good strategy. Check out my blog post for 3/27 to see my first pull.
I have a Gelli plate and love it. Do you have one?

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, lilacs!!! That's why it made me think of spring, Sherry :)

Carol, yes, patterns and even sometimes the leftovers on the watercolor palette - I guess we see beauty where others see a mess or nothing at all!

Ginny, I think my skin was too thin and I'll have to go thicker if I do it again (the back was sooo beautiful, I'm sorry I messed it up). Yes, I have 2 Gelli plates and so much stuff I don't know what to do with it (or where to store it!).