Saturday, July 13, 2013


Many of you who read my blog know my admiration (and sometimes envy) of the talented watercolor artist, Vandy Massey.  Well, she has just become one of my idols.

Vandy has created a new blog with all the other online stuff that goes with it (like Facebook, etc.) to share her new project called Running with Brushes.  All proceeds from sales of the artwork goes to a group dear to her heart called Care for Casualties.

She is painting 1000 postcard-sized paintings to sell for the group and you can get in on the fun and good karma!  Just visit her blog, Running with Brushes, and read about it, learn about it, and then get involved.  What a great thing for artists to do :)  I'm putting the blog on my sidebar right now so I can keep up with her postings about her progress.  I hope you will add it, too.


suzanneberry said...

What a wonderful idea and thank you for spreading the word!

Vandy said...

Hello Rhonda,

Thank you so much for posting about my project. I was so excited to get our first sale for the charity via our e-shop yesterday (the previous ones were all to friends who asked for paintings to be done).

Your support is marvellous and I thought you would like to know that our stats are showing that we are getting referrals from your blog, so your marvellous readers are wandering over to take a look. :-)

RH Carpenter said...

I'm very glad I can do a little bit to help you with this good cause, Vandy :) Best of luck!!!