Sunday, March 24, 2013


A few more bloggers and artists have begun to follow my blog, so that means its time to start visiting for Sunday Sharing time!  Don't forget to take your calling cards, in case they are not home when you arrive.

1.  Artist Shelley R. Ozbirn says Indulge Your Art Craving in her blog.  She creates beautiful little watercolor pieces and great jewelry from those pieces - take a look and find something you might just fall in love with! 

2.  Rosa Muller takes us to her home of Brazil and shows us the oil landscapes she has been painting.  It took a while to translate the pages but then I could read some of the things she's been doing and the shows she's been entering.  

3.  Eriko Kawamura is a Japanese artist living in Paris and creating some lovely, bright, watercolor sketches of her surroundings and her trips to Japan.  Watercolors and watercolor sketches are her forte and you'll definitely find something lovely to look at if you visit her blog.  I really liked her figure studies - the bold lines of color were something!

4.  The SimplySketch blog of artist, Cecile Samson, contains wonderful sketches and paintings- her creative life; and her second blog holds a life's account of living in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada with great photos.  Like a tour without leaving your easy chair!

I hope you take a few minutes out of your Sunday to visit these fellow bloggers.  You may just find something you love! 


Celia Blanco said...

Thank you for sharing these artist blogs with us, they will be worth a visit.

Autumn Leaves said...

Thanks for bringing new artists to light, Rhonda!

Victoria said...

Always wonderful exploring new artists here..thanks for always sharing!
Wishing you a Happy Spring

RH Carpenter said...

Hope you enjoy visiting them all, Celia, Sherry and Victoria :)