Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A few years ago it was announced on one of my groups (WetCanvas) that it was World Watercolor Day (in November).  Susie Short also mentioned this to her group (WatercolorWorkshop) a few year's back.  This year, World Watercolor Day is Tuesday, November 23rd (according to what I have been able to find out).

The question is:  Have you even heard of this?

I believe it began back in 2004 in Ontario, Canada and was going to be celebrated every year with special art walks and gallery openings and shows.  But it sort of fizzled out.  A group member mentioned hearing about it this year and asked if we had heard about it and if "it was real."

So why not?
Why not celebrate World Watercolor Day today?

How should you celebrate?  Well, paint something!  Or go to a museum or a gallery and view the watercolors on display.  Perhaps take one of your finished watercolors in to a framer to be matted and framed.  Or teach a child or a class of adults about watercolor.  Or just take a walk about and see everything around you as if it were a watercolor painting - how would you paint your neighborhood?

So tell someone - share the news - let's not let this thing just die.  Why shouldn't we have a Day just like every other Day of the year - it's always some special day for someone.  Today belongs to those who love watercolor.  (Of course, I think every day belongs to those who love watercolor - and all water media.)

Happy World Watercolor Day!


Christiane Kingsley said...

And Happy Watercolor Day to you too, Rhonda!

Cathy Gatland said...

Aw, I missed it - I think a World Watercolor Day is a great idea, will mark my diary for next year!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh! dear, I missed it. Trying to think what I was doing on Tuesday and I think it was working on my iris acrylic ink series plans. Unfortunately not in watercolour, although I was looking at images of some of my earlier works - some in watercolour. Does that count???????
The squinting portrait earlier post was great and I loved the photos you took at the cat rescue centre - especially the one yawning.

RH Carpenter said...

Christians, Cathy and Joan, I just don't think it's publicized at all! It needs more planning for next year - but I think I'll just go paint, instead! ha ha
Joan, glad you liked the portrait and the big cats :)

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi there,

The World Watercolour Day was founded by Master Alfredo Guati Rojo on November 23, 1994.
On December 5th will be inaugurated the IX International Watercolour Biennial, which will take place at the National Watercolour Museum, in the city of Mexico.
I found about the event on the Nicholas Simmons' blog, who will represent together with Kathleen Alexander, Carol Carter, Mark Mehaffey, Thomas W. Schaller, and Keiko Tanabe, the USA.

Best regards,


RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Jose. I didn't know this!

Leslie Lambert Redhead said...

How could I forget about this wonderful event? Thank you for reminding me! Good day I spent most of the morning painting in my favorite medium:)Happy Watercolor Day!