Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

No class today as my watercolor teacher was sick - so finally got off my behind and worked on this painting that is irritating me. I took Pro-White (an opaque watercolor) and tinted it in the colors I wanted and then used that over the whole painting. So this is a very matte, very opaque painting now but the grid lines are gone and I like it better. But still work to do to add some sizzle and something more and allow your eyes to move around the painting - not go dead center and stay there. So...more to come when I figure it out. Naming this Agave Blues was a sure sign this thing will give me the blues before I get it right (see how I cropped off the bottom and some of the top to ease those exit lines?). Now I think it needs some orange-red bits to move the eye around the plant instead of the dull green and brown - and with the opaque, you can change it any way you want - this must be what working with gouache is like.

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