Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The postcards and newsletter reminder for the upcoming GCWS show came out.  I am so thrilled that my painting, AMI Morning Leaves (which won first place last year) is on the front of the postcard and in the newsletter.  These little successes make me want to continue whenever I get down or wonder why I keep painting.  

There are several entry forms on my desk right now for juried shows - and for the 2017 GCWS show.  So far, I haven't been able to summons the energy to get it together and some are due this month.  It's now or never this year...

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Summer Show
Exhibit Open August 4 - 27

2016 First Prize Winner

This show of watercolor works will vibrantly reflect the expertise of the 80 members of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. Connect with the artists and their art at the free reception: 

Meet the Artists Reception
Sunday, August 61 - 4pm

Engage closely with the works of art that range from colorful landscapes and vibrant still lifes to other imaginative topics. Awards will be given during the reception.

Juror for the exhibit is Rachel Wolf, the editor of "Splash", a North Light publisher's book showcasing the watercolor products of hundreds of artists throughout the world. She will award three financial prizes plus several honorable mention ribbons.

Gallery hours are 10am - 2pm weekdays (closed Mondays) and 1 - 4pmon weekends, through Sunday, August 27.


Sadami said...

Enjoy the show, Rhonda! You're always shining!! Best wishes, Sadami

JD Moffitt said...

Awesome work!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Rhonda this is certainly an honor you so deserve. This is an amazing work friend. Hope you have a delightful day.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully you get something done for the shows to enter :)

RH Carpenter said...

You are too kind, Sadami :) Thank you!

JD, thanks, I've enjoyed your work on Facebook so much, whether I comment or not :)

Debbie, thanks. I was thrilled to win first place and to sell this one to a nice couple who, I hope, love it on their wall :)

Jennifer Rose, thanks. I have plenty of paintings to choose from but just am procrastinating so badly :( Some issues coming up at home, too - health issues with family causing some stress that's keeping me on edge and hard to paint that way - but no excuse, I have paintings done, just need to choose!

Chris Lally said...

Well, those jurors certainly had good taste, Rhonda! Your painting is outstanding!
And we can all relate to those types of stresses. You just have different priorities right now. Hopefully, you will get something together for the 2017 GCWS deadline. If not, next year & maybe you'll find something unexpected to enter later this year...