Friday, March 3, 2017


Playing with clouds and lots of wet-in-wet techniques of merging the colors.
Small eighth sheet slices of 140# coldpress watercolor paper (6.5 x 15 inches)

Here are just a few I did (from the course, Atmospheric Landscapes).  I paid for the course months ago and just got around to doing some of the lessons).  You, if you signed up for the free webinar, got some of this FREE in her free webinar yesterday about using photos for painting references.  She talked a lot about how she goes about eliminating and changing so-so photos.  

These are some early studies I did while following the streaming video I purchased, working to learn how the paints flow and merge wet-in-wet (the paper is really saturated and she goes right in immediately after putting in the clean water and tilts the paper to get movement).

Not too happy with this one, but I think it just needs some splattered colors in the foreground to look like flowers - maybe some red poppies?  

If you didn't get a chance to see the free webinar, you can still see it in the next 2 days for free by following this link.  It's well worth an hour's time to watch and learn a little bit.  Of course, practice practice practice is what it's all about.

Now...back to that octopus and Lego toy...

(Finally figured out how to add that Blog Medal/Award so put it on the sidebar.)  I was asked to post a link to the site and I thought I already did that in the previous post about it (see a few posts down), but I'll do it again here.  If you want to visit the blog listed, don't click on the bold type at the top but go to the title of the blog in lighter type to the right and click on that - it will take you right to the blog in question.  I found a few interesting ones and old favorites, too :)


laura said...

These are lovely, Rhonda, especially the second one--the way the paint runs in the sky ...
I love wet-in-wet techniques, but find them hard to do! As you say, I guess it takes practice, and a little courage!
Thanks for the link to the lesson!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - these landscapes are beautiful. I have Birgit O'Connor's book. She is very talented and her work is so fresh. Going to check out your link - thank you for sharing friend. Hugs!

RH Carpenter said...

Laura, I like wet-in-wet, too, but often don't start that way, just going in on dry paper - it's actually easier to paint wet-in-wet and let the watercolor work for me, but...old habits! It takes patience, as much as practice, I think!

Debbie, thanks. I just saw that I have TWO Birgit O'Connor books, both with DVDs - so will pull those out and watch them again tor review (I haven't purchased an art book in ages and forget which ones I do have in my library). I enjoyed her webinar a lot - she seems approachable and kind as well as very good at talking about why she does things in a painting.