Friday, September 9, 2016


Saw a disheartening article in USA Today online just a few days ago:  A town in South Carolina sprayed for Zika, killing thousands (if not millions) of honeybees in the process!  The beekeepers were sharing the photos of the bees lying dead on the ground, at the entrance to the hives, etc.  The insecticide is toxic and they are spraying it all over from planes without warning people to bring in their pets or children, and from large trucks that arrive in the middle of the night (like they did here locally).  And, of course, the insecticide kills things other than mosquitoes - like honeybees, butterflies, etc.  

Are humans really so stupid?

I know this is a real worry to a lot of people right now - and we have had reports of people with Zika here (who have come home with it from outside the US).  I know it's in the Miami region and will move up and around.  But can we not think, research and get good information before county or city bigwigs say, "Spray it all now"???

So this has made me want to return to my bee series paintings...which I am doing.  

So sad...

Used Daniel Smith Walnut Ink on parts of the bees in the final version.  Used a stick because the dip pens just didn't work for me.  

Would there be walnuts...and walnut ink if there were no bees?


Deborah Nolan said...

Golly Rhonda I didn't realize they were spraying for Zika. So often people panic and do not do their research. The honey bees are very precious to our environment so it is extremely important to protect them if possible. Btw your bee series is wonderful. So glad you are passionate about the environment. Have a blessed day. Hugs!

debwardart said...

This series may end up being a powerful statement - keep it going.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
I had no idea bees were "collateral damage" from Zika insecticide spraying. Of course, the word: "insecticide" is a pretty-good indication they would be. Hawaii has had a few cases, but all came from other places. The world being so small, it wouldn't surprise me if it ends-up here eventually.
I agree with Ms Ward's comment, Rhonda, so keep making us aware of the problem through your art.
All the best.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Debbie, Deb and Gary :) I am worried about this as they are even spraying here locally in Kentucky because there were 2 word of where or how the cases came to be here in Kentucky since we aren't a hotspot. Used to be the Nile Virus but this Zika is scaring everyone, thanks to the media fright fest around anything new...I wonder if there have been any real studies of how the children with encephalitis got that way - could it be something else due to poor living conditions? I hope we don't go overboard and right now the US has plenty of other things to harp on - like the upcoming presidential election which is getting more ridiculous by the minute, no matter which candidate you choose. So glad the US Open tennis matches are on to take my mind off that stuff! ha ha

E.M. Corsa said...

It's horrid. Even spraying for mosquitoes is terrible. It kills the insects that the frogs and lizards eat and promotes an unhealthy ecosystem. When will man learn that Mother Nature will keep all things in balance if given half a chance?

I love your bee paintings and this one especially. Beautiful work and an important statement. I'm going to post a link to your post on my FB page.

RH Carpenter said...

Elizabeth, true, mosquitoes are never going to be my favorite insects but eradicating them means a change in the ecosystem. We humans just don't think beyond our own comfort and don't see much beyond our own noses at times. I'll look for your link on FB :) Best of luck with the shows!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

:( panic can cause people to do horrible things and people stop thinking. this spraying anywhere and everywhere without thought is going to seriously mess up the ecosystem.

yes Zika is not good, but it just makes me think, do we have another case of what happened with Swine flu or Sars? Big panic, not much happened tho :/ said...

Love your bees. Sickening about all the dead bees in SC.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

The story made the news here too. I see the images and could weep. The authorities are damned if they are not seen to be doing something and we are all damned if they do. It is not a good situation.

Big hugs and keep on painting - the series is building wonderfully.

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, humans leap before they think a lot of times, Jennifer Rose! I blame the media for stirring up panic and gaining ratings :(

Thanks, Carol! I'm sure it's happening other places but just not making the news yet.

Lisa, I saw it on the BBC News (online reports I get). Yes, it makes you want to cry and scream - where has humanity's common sense gone? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Candy said...

I hadn't heard about the bees, Rhonda. That makes me so sad.