Sunday, August 7, 2016


This is NOT a good painting.  
I wanted the splatters/drizzles to happen when you drizzle or splatter on Pebeo Drawing Fluid (a grey-blue masking fluid that makes more organic/not hard edged lines when lightly sprayed with water), but it is OBVIOUSLY not working here for me.  You have to plan those splatters and drizzles to work with the composition of the painting, don't you?

Here it is with the masking fluid off.  All the values look the same except the crow is too dark.  The shoes don't stand out enough...her skin is too golden...UGH!

So...started another that was just as bad and ended it before I got too involved.  Maybe I can return to these messes sometime when I learn more about fluid acrylics.

This is how I set myself up for failure before a major entry/juried show = I begin working on some new or unlearned technique that takes more learning than 2-3 weeks!  So...back to watercolor.  This is crazy.  Just do what you know how to do and continue doing it.  (Me talking to me!)  

Do you ever do this to yourself: Set yourself up to fail and then say, "Well, I can't enter that show; I'm obviously not good enough!"  And the fact that I got in 3 out of 4 times I entered a painting in the juried show (with different judges each time) should mean something...we dwell on our failures and forget our successes - why?

I should be very thankful that I don't have to live off my art earnings because I would have starved a long time ago! 

Okay, enough negative talk/thoughts...
Time to get back to watercolor and something that might bring pleasure when seen...

Take care, all.  Keep those blue meanies away from your work and mind!  And remember, we all feel like failures at times - even those we think are having great success and having a great time in their lives.  So...have a colorful day and hug an artist today (if you see one - they are pretty solitary creatures).


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Oh Rhonda, BIG hugs! And breathe! Btw I do it every time too...and then a couple of days before the deadline when I have given up I manage to pull off something just in the nick of time - you will too and I can't wait to see what it will be :o)

(Once your deadline is done I think you should go back to these though. There is some real potential in them. The beauty of acrylic inks is that you can pour back some lights in with some opaque colour too. If they won't get light enough then add some of your texture pastes on top and once dry drizzle ink over the top maybe?)

Best wishes!

Sadami said...

Rhonda, I admire you! Please don't beat you up too much. It makes me sad. Just relax yourself and have fun. Best wishes, ((Hugs)), Sadami

humbird said...

Ah, Rhonda, these first 2 works are so in the mood for rainy weather or something...I like them very much...they are wonderful works for me!

Cathy Gatland said...

Oh Rhonda!... (seems everyone is saying Oh Rhonda for this post :-)) I have these very same thoughts regularly, but it's only by going outside our comfort zones that we keep learning and growing, I think. Don't give up on your perceived 'failures', they might become your best work, full of layers and palimpsest (maybe not before the show though!) Acrylic is very forgiving, so they tell me. I'm glad to hear about the Pebeo drawing fluid, thank you.

RH Carpenter said...

You all are so kind! And thanks so much for taking the time to cheer me up. I really am not that worried about this - a return to watercolor and a new start has helped. Plus it's been a very busy month so far! Full of birthday parties, outings, heart health meetings at the hospital (a neat program Sweetie and I both signed up for). I haven't had time to sit at home and worry! ha ha I just had to point out that, sometimes, we do set ourselves up for failure without realizing it - and that's what I was doing. A bit of procrastination, too, I think (which I am good at - I will even clean the house if a painting is at a stage where I am afraid to touch it! ha ha). So - don't worry about me but thanks so much!!! You all are GREAT!!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...


"Do you ever do this to yourself: Set yourself up to fail and then say, "Well, I can't enter that show; I'm obviously not good enough!""

I use to do that all the time for due dates at uni, and panic mode sets in and no sleep the night before its due :p Thankfully I stopped doing that for uni, but still do it for shows lol

AK said...

Like Sadami said above, just enjoy yourself. This is a part of the learning process. Probably you have set your standards too high. Just relax. And yes art is something where you cannot write off a particular work. Someone else might find it appealing. Just move on to the next work. All the best.

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Jennifer Rose, we seem to deflate ourselves instead of inflate - perhaps it goes back to childhood lack of support BUT at some time we have to realize we can be (and should be) our own best friends! Take care!

Asit, thanks so much for your support :) I have moved on but it's looking a bit iffy...we'll see! ha ha