Thursday, November 19, 2015


Thinking about abstracts and working on things in my sketchbook.  

First, I just sketch in the book, a small Aquabee sketchbook ( 6 x 9 inches).  Since Aquabee can accept watermedia, I then add some color and texture using my Graphitints and Inktense, using muted color.

The inktense and graphitints go on dry and can be wet with just a wet brush so I can work on the colored abstracts, using smooth and textured bits as well as color.

I have a tendency to cover every section with color and I need to learn to leave open and quiet spaces.  
So, that this point, I go back in with white gouache and recover some whites or lights.  

Then I'll use these as guides for actual large paintings (at least fourth sheet or half sheet) on watercolor paper and fluid acrylics.

Again, too colorful!  And I went beyond the guide of the sketchbook version.  That's okay, but I want to tone things down- mute the colors I use.  

I liked the sketchbook version, so will get closer to that but allow myself some red - maybe.  


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

It's interesting to see the development of paintings. I like the play of positive and negative shapes and the subtle broken colour on the right contrasting with the opaque shapes.

Best wishes.

Barbra Joan said...

Rhonda, first thanks for coming by my blog.
I've never been a fan of abstracts but am liking this. I once read that if you don't know how to start an abstract, ( which I do not) .. you can start with the initial of your name . In my case just a large letter B..

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I like the colours :D reminds me of a flamingo actually :) think its the bendy shape, look like a neck to me

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Lisa, Barbra Joan and Jennifer Rose, for taking the time to comment on these experiments. Jennifer Rose, the finished painting will look less like a flamingo (I think) when you see the final result - which I've revised.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Rhonda!... I very much like strong sense of shadow and lost edges which forces your richer and more colorful shapes to the fore. This very much seems a "finished" work. The later version on the half sheet seems less interesting and forceful to me. Just my take though...

Interesting ideas... Play on!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Bruce :) Thank you so much for your critique. I appreciate everyone's eyes because this certainly is a new thing for me and I'm unsure how far I'll travel down this road before turning back to more realistic work. I think I want to be somewhere in the middle - or perhaps in the fork of the road! ha ha Hope you and your's have a good weekend.

Deborah Nolan said...

Really enjoyed seeing the planning process behind your painting. I use graphtint and inktense pencils. Love both to work with in drawings. Thanks for sharing.

RH Carpenter said...

Debbie, I liked the drawing best and then turned away from that when I painted so went back to it = a better painting, I think. Sometimes throwing that paint around just becomes too much fun and one loses the path!