Sunday, November 29, 2015


When the Hansa Yellow Medium wash dried completely, I rewet the paper (flowers and pad are masked off) and gently brushed in Quinacridone Rose.  This gives the background a nice, warm rosy glow.  

This has to dry completely before doing another wash/glaze.

I thought the color was too pale and not pink enough, so I glazed another layer of Quinacridone Rose and let that dry completely before going in with a layer of Cobalt Blue.

The layer of cobalt left a nice, muted grey but not flat color.  When this dries completely, I remove the masking and begin on the individual elements of the painting, hoping to keep a light hand as I go...

The next step will be to remove the masking fluid and begin painting the subject.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
I'm really looking forward to the future of this painting. On our computer screen, after you added the cobalt blue, the water has a subtle purple-ish-lavender tone, which looks beautiful.
Good luck with the piece and enjoy your week.

Deborah Nolan said...

Rhonda your glazes are so good. Can't wait to see what is next. said...

this is coming along really well. Looking forward to your next steps.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lovely colours :D

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Gary. It does have a more subtle lavender shade now :)

Thanks, Debbie, Carol and Jennifer Rose. I think it will work out - we'll see how it continues when I get into the petals.