Friday, November 13, 2015


Having tried the alcohol inks on Arches hotpress watercolor paper, Tyvek, and Yupo, I've decided Yupo is the only reasonable substrate to use with this stuff.  And since I don't have any Yupo and probably won't buy any, I think the few alcohol inks I bought will remain in a box and be used just for additional elements to other things...unless.  There are some demos in the book, Pigments of Your Imagination, that use tar gel and even glue over paper...might try that before giving up on these.

Until then, 
here is Sweetie's experiment on glossy photo paper with a background printed on it (4 x 6 inches), 
and a jellyfish on a small scrap of Yupo.

He gave up after a few tries, saying it was more fun to watch me work with it than do it himself :)

So I worked with a few colors on scraps of Yupo (mostly the Yupo has the remainder of bad paintings on it, front and back, but you get the idea).

When the ink dries, it seems to be permanently stuck on the Yupo but I haven't tried to remove it using rubbing alcohol yet.  

This is the only one I liked - but it's still just abstracted playing with colors and seeing what the inks will do.

Have you ever tried the alcohol inks?  What did you think about them?


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
I've tried them, but still prefer Scotch or gin.
Couldn't resist such a perfect set-up. :)
Forgive my silliness and have a nice weekend.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

haven't tried them yet, keep meaning to tho. the art shop at uni I think has some so might get a few to try since they are usually cheaper than most places. will have to see if I have any Yupo in the paper drawer left tho to try with that. I like the look I have seen, might try them with the airbrush if I get some to try :)

blagh scotch :p

RH Carpenter said...

OK, Gary, I set you up for that comeback!! Being a Kentucky girl, I prefer bourbon but don't drink often - or maybe I don't drink often enough? ha ha

Jennifer Rose, give them a try - little bottles, aren't too pricey and seem to go a long way as long as you aren't painting on large paper (yupo or something covered in acrylic medium works). I imagine they will work with airbrush really well - just be careful of breathing in a lot of the fumes because you don't notice it so much at first.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks for the fume warning :) have a Respirator mask so will be sure to wear one if not outside :)