Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Saturday, Sweetie and I went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens to see the African Painted Dogs.  The mama and papa had 10 pups, all survived and are healthy 2-month olds.  I wish they had been frolicking more and sleeping less - and had been closer since I don't have much of an extended lens on my point and shoot Fuji camera.  But it was fun to see them in person - and one actually has a large white mark on its back that looks like a question mark - so it is called Riddler with all the others named after Batman characters!

Couldn't have asked for a better morning, warm and sunshining when we got there at 9 am to find a line already forming.

Some of the animals were not so standoffish, but were right in your face along the walkways, including 3 white flamingos (the flamingos here are not pink so they must feed them less reddish food like they do at the Jacksonville, FL zoo where the flamingos are hot pink colors).  And this peacock had no trouble strutting his stuff right beside you.  That's Sweetie and one of his photo buddies trying to get the peacock to turn around and flaunt those feathers their way.

Didn't get a photo of the flamingos being walked by caretakers as it happened so quickly as we were walking up a hill, three flamingos stepping like prima ballerinas along the path, heads moving slowly from side to side as if to say, "Yes, I know I'm beautiful, but just look, don't touch!"  

The tulip beds all throughout the zoo were in full bloom with every color possible bursting out and bright in the sunshine.  I liked the ones where you got an odd color amongst a row of solid colors, like this orange-red thinking it's hiding in all that white!

And how was your weekend?  
Good, I hope!


Tinna Sjoeberg said...

My weekend was not half as good as yours. You got to see a lot! Love all those tulips - nice and colourful :))
Have a great day

Tinna ✐

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda- your photos are fabulous. I had never seen African painted dogs. They have such wonderful markings. Your peacock was beautiful. I never tire of seeing them. Interesting thought about the pink in the flamingos being due to diet. Those tulips were awesome. Sounds like you had a great time. So glad you shared.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Not nearly as good as your weekend, Rhonda! I love your photos! I see a couple of zoo paintings in your future, no?

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos, Tinna, Linda, Debbie and Sherry. We were just there for about 2.5 hours and home, tired! ha ha

António Jesus Batalha said...

Estive a ver e ler algumas coisas, não li muito, porque espero voltar mais algumas vezes, mas deu para ver a sua dedicação e sempre a prendemos ao ler blogs como o seu. Se me der a honra de visitar e ler algumas coisas no Peregrino e servo ficarei radiante, e se desejar deixe o seu parecer. Abraço fraterno. António.

RH Carpenter said...

Gracias, Antonio!