Thursday, April 23, 2015


I subscribe to the Zen Habits newsletter, written by Leo Babauta.  In this latest edition, he talks about what I have been feeling these few days.  I'll figure it out, I think.  Or not.  Perhaps it's the desire to always be something other than what we are, rather than accepting ourselves as we are.  Seeing all the things that are "wrong" with us and not seeing all the "right" things...

For example:

I'm sure you all have a friend who is dear to you.  But he/she may have some habits that are sooo annoying to his/her spouse, family, or friends.  And those habits don't bother you at all.  Because they are a part of your friend and you love your friend as he/she is, warts and all.  Now - could we possibly begin to treat ourselves with that same kindness and acceptance - warts and all?  It is hard.  But I think it could be done with some work...

I think I am going to try to change a few things but the biggest change is to try to accept myself, warts and all.  The desire to change is sometimes just a desire to keep running away from oneself.  I'm getting awfully tired of running...

Here is a link to the newsletter.

And here is a photo of the dramatic skies we've been having due to fast-moving rain showers coming through and clearing out.

And a redbud tree in the back yard blooming out and showing off when the sun comes out - so much violet/purple against the green.  Mother Nature knows how to pick colors that go well together.


Tinna Sjoeberg said...

Interesting newsletter you get :)
I like your pictures, did you see the guy laying there, feet in the mouth of a big fish? :))

Have a great day
Tinna ✐

Caroline Simmill said...

thank you Rhonda, very true words indeed! love the stormy sky that would make a lovely painting!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wise words, Rhonda. I admit they give me a headache this a.m. though. I have never been good enough for anybody, including myself. I am always tearing down myself, trying so hard to be perfect, never making it. I give you kudos for wrestling through self-acceptance. I think you can do this! Love the stormy sky favorite type of skies in fact!

E.M. Corsa said...

Thanks so much for the link. I seem to be running a lot myself. I'm signing up for that newsletter myself!

RH Carpenter said...

You must be better at seeing things for abstracted thing, Tinna! ha ha

Thanks, Caroline, Sherry, and EM - acceptance is very hard for anyone who has grown up without it - a work in progress is what I still am! Sherry, if we don't accept ourselves, how can we offer anything to another person? Hard work but worth it :) said...

I, too, am feeling unmoored. The changes in my life are totally stressing me out. Love the photos and thanks for the link to the newsletter. I think I need to subscribe to that.

Hope you start to accept yourself, warts and all. We all love you! :) I'm sure you will get over this unmoored feeling soon and get back to painting.

RH Carpenter said...

So many of us could use some down time - time spent quietly sitting, maybe not in meditation but watching the birds or spring buds...just slowing down and breathing and relaxing - perhaps our mantra could be..."Okay..." :)

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Rhonda!... We all have these very same moments and periods within our separate journeys!

Picasso is quoted a having once said:
"Our sole purpose for coming to this earth is simply... to find ourselves."

Since human growth, we know is developmental birth to death... should the feeling of acceptance come to everyone simultaneously? I think not.

Even walking takes practice and for some takes weeks longer. For others... through some life interference... they must struggle to regain that same ability... if they choose to.

I will leave you with your own words because they in a very strong way describe my own journey and solution.

I paint... therefore I "am"! Just add this thought into your proposed mantra my dear.

Paint... and be okay!

I admire your work and your wonderful (outward) sunny outlook! Believe!

Good painting!
Warmest regards,

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you so much, Bruce, for reminding me that we are all growing/changing/moving forward to our true selves - it just is on different time schedules :) I paint = I am :) I'll remember that, too.