Monday, March 23, 2015


These two were just stopping by to say hello and munch on the grass now fully uncovered and growing.  Both as still as statues as I aimed the camera from the deck to get a good shot.  

When the snow was 10 inches deep, 6 deer came up the hill to the neighbor's feeders (which all hang down onto his back garden), raised up on their hind legs and grabbed a bit of food from the bird feeders.  Poor things, they were hungry.  But strange to look at at dusk and see 6 deer walking and running up and down the hill just past our fenceline.  

Hiding in plain sight, the Coopers Hawk hangs around, watching all the birds coming and going around the neighborhood feeders.  Raptors gotta eat, too.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my new post after so long. As you can see my new home town and surrounds are great inspirations for a seascspe artist. Great fun looking at all your experimental works and these lovely photos.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I hate to hear that the deer were so hungry. I hope they all make it through this winter. We got more snow yesterday. It came down hard and heavy for quite awhile!

E.M. Corsa said...

How beautiful. I have a Sharp-shinned Hawk that visits each day. And yes, they must eat too. But he doesn't do well at my feeders - my birds are too fast!

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Joan, good to see you back and blogging - yes, your surroundings must be very inspirational for you :)

Sherry, yes, when the snow is so heavy, they do have a hard time - but not now. Haven't seen them since the snow melted completely - probably roaming around farther and getting a better variety.

EM. yes, he stalks the feeders but so far has only managed to get a dove when snow was heavy on the ground. The bluejays let everyone know when hawks are around - they are the sentinels of the bird world!