Tuesday, February 3, 2015


After the blue acrylic dried, I put down a layer of white greyed with black.  (Used Titanium White and Mars Black)  

I greyed it more than I like but used it anyway (I only have a little bit of acrylic to use so don't want to waste it).

The next step, once this dries, is just another layer of pure white and then that will be scraped through and the adding and subtracting of color starts.

Since it's an abstract, I don't know how I'll place it - vertical or horizontal.  We'll see when I begin scraping into the color, washing some off with alcohol, and putting more on.  I guess this is when the painting begins to come through on its own :)

And guess who has a cold - again!  The last one ruined 2 weeks of time in Florida for me (especially the 2nd week of the cold), and lasted almost 3 weeks.  This one just started Thursday morning early, when I woke up with a very sore throat and that "feeling" you get when you know you're getting a cold :(  By Saturday morning, I knew we had to cancel our trip back to Florida - which we did :(  

Oh, well, there's always another time to go, right?

Maybe I'll feel creative enough in a few days to finish this one and see where it goes...


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Sorry I can offer little more than empathy. You probably made the correct choice in staying home, though it must have been a difficult decision.
I like your attitude that there is always another time to go. It shows a positive outlook for the future and that's huge.
Take your time and you'll be back on the beach very soon, and painting, too.

Sadami said...

Hiya, swseet Rhonda! Please take care and enjoy your life. Put your health first. Thank u for sharing your precious experiences with us. I enjoy them all. Best wishes, Sadami

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you will soon be well. Can see though that those creative juices are still working. Take care.

Lorraine Brown said...

Sounds like you have an allergy with Florida LOL. Glad you can still do your experimenting and sharing Rhonda, take care get well soon

Alice Jo Webb said...

Oh no! This has not been a good winter for you. I hope you get well fast, for your sake AND because I'm very interested in seeing where this piece goes! Rest up. : )

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, it was disappointing and expensive to have to cancel a trip planned - already packed and ready to go and couldn't do it! Oh, well...such is life. The beach is always calling me, Gary, and I'll get back there soon, I'm sure!

Sadami, yes, health first and this cold may have been telling me to take more care and slow down for a while :)

Debbie, thanks, I will recover and move on and forget that this has been a very nasty winter so far when considering how many people caught colds and flu and worse!

Lorraine, I HOPE NOT!!! I love putting my toes in the sand and feeling the water wash over me...maybe it's an allergy to travelling, though!! ha ha

It has been a bad winter for many folks, Alice Jo! So many have had colds, flu, and viruses and infections and had doctor visits - a bad year for a flu virus that only protected 23% of those getting the injection!

Carol Flatt said...

I so appreciate the step-by-step explanation and am anxious to see more of this method.I like that there are unexpected revelations in this process, and you can react to them. What fun!!

Do take care of yourself, Rhonda. This year has been crazy with all sorts of bugs and what-nots. It's tough, but good to call a halt to things and rest and let the body heal.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol. Jane Davies has a lot of good videos on her blog - go look, if you like this kind of thing with acrylics :) Yes, there are so many people sick around me, I don't know who to blame for my cold! ha ha