Sunday, October 19, 2014


The Newport Aquarium (yep, it's in Newport, KY), has given the local folks a real treat - the famous Weekie Watchie (FL) mermaids came for a visit.  They spent 2 weekends and a full week entertaining and amazing the people who came to see them.  Sweetie and I went on Columbus Day (Monday) and it was packed with parents and little girls, many of them holding their own mermaid dolls - wide-eyed and amazed at the lovely mermaids swimming in the Coral Reef exhibit.

Here are some photos Sweetie took of the lovely mermaids of Weekie Watchie Springs in Florida.  He says he and his brother saw them when he was about fifteen years old. 

They were in a tank that has stingrays and other fish in it so even some of the critters were curious!

This little fellow was thrilled and I know he wanted her to pick him up but couldn't figure out how to get that glass out of the way!

Six different mermaids came to entertain the OH and KY visitors.

Besides the mermaids swimming in the tank, a mermaid was high and dry, waiting for people to have their photos taken with her.  

Since they are down there for 1/2 hour, they have their own breathing tube to use, as needed.

I like that blue tail - wonder if I should get a mermaid costume for Halloween? ha ha)

Although the Coral Reef tank is not really big, they did go from side to side over the "tube" people can walk under and they did a few flips now and again.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I saw them when I was 10 in Florida myself. I was thrilled and it is obviously the mermaids are as gorgeous now as they were then. Thanks for bringing back memories, Rhonda!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - this looks like a really great show. The pictures turned out fabulous too. Hope you have a great week. Thank you so much for sharing.

laura said...

Wow. What fun--love the picture of the little boy!
One of my favorite stories when I was little was "The Little Mermaid"

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
What a delight to see! As a kid, I dreamed about seeing them in-person, along with the clear waters they "lived" in.
It's nice to see they're still active and who knew they did road trips!
Thanks for sharing!!

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you all enjoyed going under the sea with the lovely mermaids, Sherry, Debbie, Laura and Gary :) Yes, I imagine that little boy may love mermaids all his life after this experience :) They still do their shows regularly at Weekie Watchie Springs in Florida, Gary :) and I had never heard of them doing a road trip - wonder if they ship them in tanks to keep their tails wet? ha ha