Saturday, June 7, 2014


When Carol Carter visited this week, she left behind some pretty little things for me, as a thank you for helping her set up the program and pack up after - and for spending the night at our house.

I was thrilled to get one of her silk scarves from her "Bubbles" show - she brought several and sold them all here - the women loved them and bought one for themselves and one for a friend or daughter after the program.

Love the puffer and seahorse, two of my all time favorite sea critters!  

A friend of Carol's made these necklace bobs featuring her critters from the "Bubbles" show - and I put a silver chain on mine.  Isn't she gorgeous?

And lastly, Carol gave me one of her bubble wands (also made for her show).  It has a small image of her's on the paper at the top and is a pretty little bubble wand.  Will be fun to try it out this summer.

Sweetie treated us to a visit at the Newport Aquarium the day Carol drove in (and then she treated us to a Dewey's Pizza - YUM).  We even walked over to Art on the Levee to see some of the artwork hanging.  Not a single watercolor painting in the gallery but Carol did get to see some of Jerry's cards and magnets he sells there.

I am reworking a couple of small paintings I was unhappy with - birds.  Will show when they dry.  And I am almost done with the full sheet Roseates Rising painting, but have another in mind (that way I can choose which one I like the most for the July 1 entry into the Viewpoint Show).  

Shows coming up:

July 1 entry deadline = Cincinnati Art Club annual Viewpoint show (juried)
July 8 entry deadline = Southeastern Indiana Art Guild show (open entry but prizes awarded)
August 1 entry deadline = Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society show (open entry but prizes awarded)

I think I'll put birds in every one.  Afterall, they seem to resonate with me and I should probably sit down and think about why...freedom, lightness, beauty, fragility, etc?


Katherine Thomas said...

Yes, most definitely enter your birds. You have a very unique, expressive way of portraying them. It sounds like a wonderful presentation and a fun visit with a fellow artist! Was it through the Women's Art Club, or a different group?

RH Carpenter said...

Katherine, it was through the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. Many of us, who were members of the WACC have dropped - it really doesn't do much in the way of watermedia artists. The GCWS meets every first Wednesday of the month in Mt. Adams (in the Cincinnati Art Club building on Parkside).

Lorraine Brown said...

How fabulous to host Carol Carter!.The silk scarf will be a treasure for sure. I did look up trying to attend one of her workshops but the travel would be more than 20 hours flying so it will have to wait until I can combine it with a holiday of some sort. I so would like to see her paint, thanks for all the sharing Rhonda

CrimsonLeaves said...

The silk scarf is lovely, Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Lorraine, it seems people like to have art in their hands when they cannot justify a large purchase of a painting so Carol has small paintings, scarves, bobbles, cards, etc. at most of her shows. If you can get a group together to host her, I'm sure she'd come to your area for a workshop some day :)

Sherry, yes, I love the bold colors on it. said...

Lucky you to host Carol and to get some "pretty little things!" You are a good friend.