Saturday, March 1, 2014


I don't know why, but pinks, violets, and blues, rather than make me sad, lift my spirits.  I don't get the blues when I paint in blues, but feel "at home".  The same with a touch of violet or some pinks.  I guess we all have our favorite colors we choose over and over = part of our painting style.

So I thought about painting a nice, soft, pink flamingo, a shy thing, tucked away under a wing, dozing.

I'm using 2 different photos taken by Sweetie, as reference photos for this one and changing as I go along.  

So far, so good.  It's a fourth sheet Arches 140# cold press and using Daniel Smith Permanent Alizarin Crimson + a bit of Holbein Scarlet Lake to warm the pink a bit in places.

I'm calling it 
A Blush of Shyness

The background was done first and is just Daniel Smith Sap Green + Green Gold with a touch of Quin Gold here and there for warmth.  I spritzed it with water from a spray bottle before the bg dried.  

I'd like to keep this one delicate and soft with stronger color in the head and eye.

If we are snowed and iced in for a few days after this latest winter storm comes through, I'll get this one finished, I think.

Are you waiting for another winter storm - or has it already hit your area?  


Katherine Harra said...

That sap green background says spring to me in a big way. But, I expect, that's why they call it that? A color I rarely use, but it is so warm and cool at the same time. I think this painting is going to be wonderful, and I'm impressed at combining TWO sources.

CrimsonLeaves said...

We're due today, Rhonda. I saw temps will drop to -5 either tonight or tomorrow. I love the winter but I am getting ready for a bit of spring myself. Can't wait to see this finished. said...

This is looking really good so far. I'm glad to hear it lifted your spirits. We are waiting for more snow. Yuck.