Sunday, February 9, 2014


Just a few pictures taken while visiting Anna Maria Island in January (we were there in December and just had to return before this winter made us crazy).

Anna Maria Pier.  
A restaurant at the end and a dock where people fish and birds flock (pelicans, herons, little ruddy turnstones, etc.)

This was the view from Bay Beach, where we walked and saw...

Lots of little white ibis, walking along the shore and eating crabs.

Those same white ibis (I think) surprised us by showing up outside the house we were renting in Holmes Beach (just outside of the Anna Maria city limits), hanging on the wires going to and from the houses.

It was rainy and a bit windy and that little one on the lower right is having a problem with balance! ha ha  This was taken from our front steps.

Someone's boat had run aground on Bean Point (the northern end of AMI), and we saw it like a ghost ship while walking the beach on a foggy morning.

Because some people will feed wildlife, no matter what you say, this great blue heron and wood stork were hanging out around the neighborhood because they were being fed by a neighbor lady.

And something sweet to end this post - mini macarons I bought at the Olive Oil Outpost on one of the days I stopped for a cafe con leche there.  I have seen these in blog posts but never had the chance to try one - pretty good but I think I'll stick with chocolate :)  They were pretty enough to paint, though - which is another post! 

3 comments: said...

Just what I needed Rhonda. These photos were great and made me feel like it was a little sunnier here.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the birds on the phone lines. I didn't realize that type of bird would land there!

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, as I look out on our snow and ice covered view here, I wish I was back there walking on the beach - even if it was raining, we could still get out of our driveways (my little car is still frozen to the driveway and Sweetie hasn't shoveled her out yet - I've been stuck in the house since we returned other than 1 trip to the grocery!)

Sherry, I didn't realize these shorebirds would hang around on phone lines, either - it may be common but they seem like birds who would stay on the ground! ha ha