Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yesterday, for the first day in weeks, we saw the ground underneath all the snow and ice we've had for 3 months.  People were in a better mood.  I could actually get out and get the haircut and color I've been putting off for 2 weeks!  

The melting began Monday but Monday night's temperatures went down below freezing again - so all that running mushy water became ice again.  And, once again, my car was frozen on the driveway with sheets of ice all around Tuesday morning - so I had to cancel my watercolor class again (I think this makes 3 times I've had to cancel due to weather).  

But Tuesday and Wednesday were warm - about 50F!!!  A real heat wave after cold for weeks and weeks.  So what does today bring?  Spring storms and possibly tornadoes.  

Ah, Mother Nature, you are NOT a lady!

An artistic slump has settled in for me.  

Are you still frozen in - or are you having hints of spring?  Will we have spring this year?  It's been such a strange weather pattern of a year so far, I'm unsure we'll even have regular seasons this year.  Who knows what will come next?

Wherever you are, whatever you do, be safe!

Maybe I'll try to match the new 2014 Radiant Orchid color in something...


CrimsonLeaves said...

We still have lots of snow on the ground here but we hit 47 yesterday too. Flood warnings and high winds and rain and fog too. Weird day, yesterday. I like the complexities and mercurial weather. I'd so rather stay in winter than those high heat and humidity months we have here.

RH Carpenter said...

Just small patches here now, Sherry, but windy and colder than the last 2 days. What weather!! I've never been fond of winter but am not too fond of the heat and humidity that comes with summer, either - guess I'm just picky! ha ha