Thursday, February 13, 2014


I told the owner of The Olive Oil Outpost, as she was making up my small order of four mini macarons (after making me another delicious cafe con leche for the morning) that I was going to paint these before eating them.  I made it, but am not that happy about this little painting, so it's a good thing that I took a few photo references so I can try again.

We spent Saturday-Saturday on Anna Maria Island in a nice home we rented for the week.  The last few days were rainy so Sweetie and I went outside to take photos of the rain streaming down the screens over the swimming pool area.  It made for some interesting photos, abstracted by the water in the screens and showing the trees outside the pool area.  

Sweetie was brave (or crazy) enough to get in the heated (at 80F) pool while we were there on a sunny day.  It was too chilly for me but I did dip a toe in to test it.  


Katherine Thomas said...

I'm so envious that you got away for a little vacation during this cold spell in cincinnati! The macaroon painting is wonderful. The colors are inviting, the piece is pleasingly composed. The whole effect seems one of content and optimism. Hope every minute of your trip was fun!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Macarons are one of the most delightful things in life. Especially when consumed in Paris. ;)

Perhaps some more colours introduced into them and their shadows for interest and left to mingle on their own?

80F in a pool works for me. Here's I'd have to break the ice to get to the water lol

Barbra Joan said...

Oh I'm so sorry that the weather didn't cooperate for you.
This past couple weeks has been not a good one for visitors to Florida .. Too bad we can't pick and choose... '
Love your macaroon painting..
colors are delicious...

debwardart said...

Mike always thinks it's funny when I have fruit sitting on the counter and tell him he can't eat it until it's been photographed! What is it with artists and food??? Hope the macaroons were tasty - and you shared with Jerry. Making that poor man swim alone, you are such a terrible wife!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Do you know I have never tasted a macaron? I like the little painting!

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, we needed at least 2 weeks, Katherine, but even that wouldn't have been enough. Jerry's friend (whose house we rented in December) was there all of January and I imagine she returned to the Cincy area and had quite a shock with the temps and weather still coming in February!!!

I have never been to Paris - these were lovely but light in taste and I guess I prefer something heavier. Like the key lime pie we had in Florida - delicious and just the right sweet and tart taste :) I agree, they need more - or a complete start over - to make this one work.

Barbara Joan - now, I'm sure you're not in charge of FL weather - but if you are, then make it nicer next time, okay? ha ha Like I said - 65F and raining beats -5F and ice!

Sherry, I had never eaten one or even seen one outside a blog post by another artist - but now I have. Lovely colors but I think prettier than they are tastier, but maybe that's because they weren't covered in chocolate! ha ha

Well, our hubbys need to learn that we artists have our ways and they have to just behave if they want us to be happy :) The macarons were nice and I'm glad I bought them to taste and to paint. I believe I did share one with Jerry :) ha ha Oh, the water was okay but the air temp was cold and I didn't want to do it - he's the water baby in this family. I don't mind Bahamas water temps, though :) said...

I have never heard of Ana Maria Island. I looked it up and it looks gorgeous. I have added it to my list of places to visit. I like your macarons (aren't they yummy?) and your photo of the rain. Your Sweetie looks like he was having fun getting into that pool.

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, it's a very nice and very friendly place :) And warmer and less stormy than the east coast of Florida (which I like, too).