Sunday, February 2, 2014


Well, my Sweetie flew me away to Florida again for my birthday.  Born in 1957, I turned 57 this year.  How is it possible that I am this old?  Well, there is no denying it when I look in the mirror!  I guess I can worry about looking older or I can worry about something else.  I told Sweetie I am such an excellent worryer and that the only thing I don't have to worry about is always having something to worry about!  

I told my sister I'd bring back some warm weather from Florida, and I did - it was 52F when we landed at CVG airport!  Rainy yesterday and today - but it's not 52 anymore - and another snow expected today, just in time for everyone's Super Bowl parties.

I have lots to do the next few days, getting ready for Carol Carter's visit Tuesday evening (she is coming to give the guest artist program to our watercolor society Wednesday morning) - weather permitting (but it doesn't look likely, with icy weather predicted for Tuesday evening!!!).

I did take my Stillman & Birn watercolor sketchbook (a beautiful surface to paint on!!!) and my Holbein travel kit and some pencils - so have some small things to share because I did paint once in a while before heading out in the mornings to the white sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island :)  Sweetie got some bird photos for reference, too, including white ibises we didn't see last time in December.  I will miss seeing the white egrets, the white ibis and the sandpipers of all kinds.  

Winter still has KY in its talons and won't let go. Stay safe and warm, my friends.  And thanks for all the birthday wishes.  It was, officially, January 26th.  I am a winter baby - and have always disliked winter.  Hmmmm....something not right about that! ha ha

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are - and especially if you are travelling today.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I'm with you on the mirror thing. Shocking, isn't it? Somehow my grandma has found her way into my mirror! Glad you had a little mini vacation too!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, you just reminded me that I will be turning 55 this year! Yikes!!!! You are right how did we get to be this old. Sounds like you had a nice time away.

RH Carpenter said...

Women have such a hard time with aging and everything thrown at us - from magazines, t.v., movies, etc. - doesn't help. Only Helen Mirren seems to be aging beautifully (and Christie Brinkley). Oh, well, it does help to have personal trainers, masseuses, makeup and hair people and a little facial work (not plastic surgery but I'm sure there are other wonders one can have done if she has the $ and time).

Thanks for the comments, Sherry and Maggie :) I'll be in your new area in spring, Maggie, perhaps we can meet for coffee or tea or a chat about art :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA (A little late, but hey, you can celebrate all year.)

Glad you enjoyed your time in Florida. And your back just in time for another snow storm! Stay warm, you look very young, embrace it. Age is only a number. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

laura said...

What a great birthday present! I'm a winter baby too, and always liked winter--until this one, which is getting a little wearying!
I hope the weather holds out and you can see Carol!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Happy belated birthday, Rhonda!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, that sounds great! I'll e-mail you my new e-mial address.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol, Laura (loving your grapes!), and Christiane!
Maggie, I'll look for your email in the coming days. We're thinking of April in Crescent Beach so not far from your area, I imagine.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Happy Birthday! Seems like it's more real with the day and year. If you ever do need to feel young (er), feel free to compare your age to mine.
I'm now an ancient sixty-four and don't ya know the Beatles song is still in my head.
Glad you received that most excellent gift of escape. Especially this winter! Do you think you'll ever relocate to a sunny and warm climate?
Hang on, spring is just around the corner.
Have a nice day tomorrow.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

So glad you got to spend your birthday in a lush, warm environment! May you continue to have a wonderful journey around the sun :)

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, now I have that song in my head! ha ha Seriously, you look great for 64 and are taking such good care of yourself - that's what I need to do more of and make a stronger effort although my back issues won't let me jog - I could do other aerobic exercises if I wasn't so lazy! ha ha Every time we go away to Florida, we say, let's look at houses here - but every time we return home I'm so glad to be home and love the seasons (except for this awful winter!!).

Thanks so much, Pam - another trip around the sun, I like that idea - and no TSA scans :) ha ha