Thursday, February 6, 2014


I had enough questions about the Shadow Violet I used in the last sandpiper painting that I thought I'd get some information together for you about it and then you can choose to buy (or not buy).  I don't get a kick-back or a commission or a discount from Daniel Smith - it's just sharing information and I like the color.

So - the color I used for the Sandpiper (see previous post) was only Daniel Smith's Shadow Violet.  It is a lovely granulating and separating color that separates into the 3 colors that are used to create it.  

It's made from a mix of:
Pyrrol Orange PO 73
Ultramarine Blue PB 29
Viridian PG 18

For some reason, when you put it out on your palette it's a dark violet grey color.  Then, when you add water to it, it separates and lightens and it becomes really beautiful.  

It really has become one of my favorite colors for backgrounds and other greyish things where I don't want to mix my own colors to get a nice greyed look.  

Another fine color from Daniel Smith is Moonglow.  Now isn't that a luscious name?  It's a mix of the same Viridian + Ultramarine Blue, but they add Anthraquinoid Red (PR 177) in place of the orange.  It is a darker, more intense color, but still separates and greys out beautifully.  

As you can see here, it's more violet and can go really dark, but you can see that Viridian peeking through like you can with Shadow Violet.  

So - your choice.  You can get one, or the other - or both!


Katherine Harra said...

I am so glad you posted that before I finished up my next Cheap Joe's order. I think I will be getting BOTH.

Celia Blanco said...

Thanks for passing on the information. I love your shadows! It seems to buy both would be the best solution!:-)

CrimsonLeaves said...


RH Carpenter said...

Had to laugh, Katherine and Celia - artists are all the same: Buy them All! ha ha And, of course, I have Moonglow and Shadow Violet and Hematite and others I've purchased because an artist had it that demoed it and I had to have it - or some I bought just for the name.
Glad you liked the little bit of info, Sherry :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

I have both colours and hadn't used my watercolours in ages, but the Moonglow was the first tube I reached for when adding shadows to my fish and cat.

While Shadow Violet works well too, I like the warmer tones in Moonglow more I think.

I love those chromatic options for shadows.

RH Carpenter said...

Jeanette, Moonglow is a lovely color but the Shadow Violet is a bit softer, I guess. Or is that just another excuse why I have to have them both? ha ha said...

Thanks for the info. Both colors look great. I want to try them.

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, if you are really a crazy watercolor artist, you'll buy both! ha ha

RH Carpenter said...

Katherine, I forgot to tell you - Daniel Smith paints are only available from Daniel Smith - Cheap Joes doesn't carry them. Sorry :( It is a pain to make 2 orders - one to Daniel Smith for pigments and one to Cheap Joes for paper or brushes or other things - but that's what you do when you love Daniel Smith paints (like me); or you wait until DS has a sale and then get all your art supplies there. I am due for an order soon.