Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just a few more photos - these were all taken by Sweetie (a.k.a. Jerry H. Carpenter) - from our recent trip and hike in Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, OH.  

Does anyone know what this pink-leaved tree is called?  

A plaque in the woods, called Helen's Stone.  Helen Birch Bartlett was the daughter of Hugh Taylor Birch who purchased the Glen and donated it to Antioch College in memory of her).

Click to enlarge and read.

A beautiful tree full of yellow-gold leaves.

A very handsome fellow in one of the wooden cages at the Raptor Center within the Glen.  Sleeping, he opened one eye a bit to give us a look when we peeked in.

See you later!


suzanneberry said...

What lovely shots! That owl is amazing! looks like you had a great time!

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos. I have no idea what the pink tree is called, but it is lovely.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Delightful photos, Rhonda! Epitomizes why autumn is my favorite season.

Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda - hope you find out what that pink leaf tree is (would love to know). Very touching words on Helen's stone. Maybe that owl will turn into a painting...I can see that happening. Thanks for sharing Glen Helen Preserve...your hubby's pics make me want to visit it.

RH Carpenter said...

Suzanne, Linda, Sherry and Debbie, It was a wonderful trip and the drive up was golden - so many beautiful trees.

Debbie, you should make a trip sometime if you can - well worth a day out.

RH Carpenter said...

Linda, I just visited your blog and really enjoyed it - the boxer puppy and the cows = too cute! Nice nature photos and videos :) Hope you are feeling well. I once worked with a Linda Elliott in Muncie, IN but I'm sure there are many Linda Elliotts in the world :)