Thursday, September 19, 2013


A grey and rainy day.  But Sweetie played chauffeur and got me to Evergreen Retirement Center to drop off my painting for the watercolor society fall member show - opens Sunday 1-4.

And on the way back south, we took a side trip over to Mariemont to see the Colored Pencil show at The Barn.  It's the member show of District Chapter 119 and I recognized a few names I'd seen in a previous member show and in the International Colored Pencil Show that was held at the Carnegie in Covington, KY last year.

Here are the First-Second-Third place winners:

First Place went to John Smolko's portrait.
John Smolko has his own signature style with his scribbles creating extra interest in his paintings (I always have a hard time calling colored pencil or pastel works "paintings" but I'm sure that's what they are called).  He is a teacher (I know someone who took a workshop with him and was very pleased) and has been juried into the International Colored Pencil show 10 times - quite an achievement!  He had 3 paintings in the show - all large and all in his signature style.  What I like about his work is that, standing close to it, you see scribbles in various colors - you stand back a bit and then you get the full vision of what he's working towards and see the values and colors created with large scribbles!

Second place went to Michael Paolercio's painting.  I like it when someone takes something "boring" or "ugly" and turns it into art.  I like the shadow shapes and rusty colors against the blues but think it could have popped more with some stronger value shifts and darker darks in the painting.  But that's just my opinion and, apparently the 2 judges thought it was perfect, as is.

Third place went to a landscape painted by Margi Hopkins.  She, also, had several paintings in the show and I liked them all. Again, you could see the strokes made (and I like that about any artwork) but it didn't look unfinished at all.  Nice value shifts and green and violet always sing, don't they?  (Ms. Hopkins won the First Place award in last year's colored pencil member show.)

And my favorite in the show as this one of seagulls on the beach, a painting by Tom Kinarny.  He also had a few other paintings in the show.  
Why was this my favorite?  Perhaps I had an emotional reaction to the painting - I could see myself there with my toes in the sand.  Mr. Kinarny has a delicate touch with the colored pencil with good mark-making showing.  The painting was completely finished without being overdone or underdone - lovely texture in the sand and a delicate palette of colors made me really like this one.

I'll share more later - but will have to resize and upload more photos first!  

Blogger buddy and artist, Katherine Thomas, had several paintings in the show. Although I had previously seen them on her blog, it was more interesting and enjoyable to see her pieces up close and personal.  She also got an Honorable Mention for one of her paintings!

Twenty-one artists had paintings in the show and it runs through September 28 at The Barn in Mariemont.  It's open for viewing every day but Monday (and if there is an event scheduled at The Barn during the weekend).  If you like colored pencil work, you'll find a good variety of styles and techniques and subjects in the group show.


Carol Blackburn said...

What awesome paintings. I bet you had a fabulous time there.

debwardart said...

We must have been hot on your trail this morning - you had signed the WACC register just before us! Glad you and Jerry enjoyed the show as much as we did.

Lorraine Brown said...

Nice way to spend a rainy day, thanks for sharing and your comments, it's good to see what judges come up with for their choices

CrimsonLeaves said...

To my mind, Katherine's is some of the foremost color pencil work out there. Karen Hull also comes to mind as a fabulous colored pencil artist. Oh to be half as talented. I have no problem calling their works "paintings," as it implies all of the hard work and effort any artist makes with their pieces. I know cp artists put more hours into a piece than painting artists do! Thanks for sharing some of the art work, Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

I always love to see artwork by others, Carol - it inspires and gives one ideas and just lets you know you're not out there alone in the wilderness trying to create something from nothing!

Deb, I knew we had left Evergreen without seeing you but there were already a dozen paintings waiting around - don't know who they belonged to since I didn't look closely. I so appreciate Jane and Carol doing the work of registration every time we have a show!!

Yes, a nice way to spend a rainy day - inside with some beautiful artwork, Lorraine.

Sherry, there are some amazing colored pencil artists and I know they call their work paintings - I guess I think painting should be with a brush and these are drawings - but maybe not - not to denigrate them at all because I know I would NEVER have the patience to create a colored pencil work!! Yes, it's a lot of time and effort and skill and talent. I just meant I think of painting as wet media and dry media as drawing. It is always wonderful to see work in person that you've seen just in photos on a blog - you get another version and vision of the work that way!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful art show. I have always been so fascinated with colored pencils. They are truly impressive. I loved your favorite as well. Wow! Amazing what a pencil can do.

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed the little view, Debbie. I've found that all mediums are expressive and can go from completely photorealistic to loose and painterly with the strokes of pencil or brush showing through. Everyone has their preference and I think I prefer an in-between place on all things :) ha ha