Friday, January 11, 2013


Another watercolor sketch in my Strathmore Visual Journal (90# watercolor paper) - done without prior drawing.  Just trying to get the shapes right with the brush.  I overextended the crow's beak and had to fix it - not a great fix but the goal is to not spend time overworking but just letting the colors go.  I don't think I succeeded this time - but I'll keep trying.

Another day of rain rain rain.  Time to get out the mask, fin and snorkel if this keeps up!  I hope, wherever you are, that you are warm, dry and safe.

Have a good weekend!


Caroline Simmill said...

Happy New Year to you Rhonda! I love your painting of the crow and it reminds me of Christmas day. We were making our dinner in the afternoon and heard a sound of birds going over the house so I looked out. In the sky there were hundreds of rooks flying over they feed in the fields near our home yet for some reason they were all having a almighty get together for Christmas day! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely paintings this year.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - I love the fact you are drawing with the brush only. I think things look pretty good with this method. Certainly fresh and clean. Looking forward to seeing more of the same. The snow is melting here and tomorrow it is to be 60 which is highly unusual for our part of Ohio but I am going to enjoy it - home I can send you some sun too.

RH Carpenter said...

Caroline, it's always so nice to hear from you. I hope you get a new computer soon :) We had the same thing happen a few weeks ago - a horrid sound that I thought might be dogs fighting on the street - looked up and saw sandhill cranes flying over. They flew over our house several times and then took off in their scattered V pattern - amazing! But I can't imagine the noise of hundreds of them!! ha ha
Debbie, thanks so much. We will have rain and thunderstorms but freakishly warm for January! But it will only last until Monday and then the temps drop again. I never complain about warm weather in the winter months.

renate said...

Dear Rhonda:) I think you are doing just fine with your new technique! The paintings are much looser. Since you do this I try to sketch less but find it hard. I love this painting. The stones, the bushes AND the bird. Great job!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Renate. I am trying to get looser by doing this - it doesn't mean I won't draw again but this is a good challenge for a while to see if it helps.