Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, after the watercolor society meeting yesterday, looks like we have new people to fill the open spots beginning March 2012.  Deb Ward will be President - why not, she's been Program Chair, Membership Chair, and coordinated 3 of our art shows!  I will be Program Chair - I've already been Recording Secretary and coordinated 1 of our art shows, so I guess next term I'll be President! ha ha Too bad Deb and I can't clone ourselves and then we could do it all!  Thank goodness there were two other members who are willing to be the new Recording Secretary and Treasurer next year.

I'm going out to Deb's today to paint with her and Sharon and come up with something, I hope.  Lately, I've been sketching and moving things around on paper, trying to come up with something.  Nothing seems to be gelling yet, but I've got a few things started that I could work on.  Or maybe I'll start something new there from inspiration during the day.

I'd like to do something with interesting shadow shapes as much a part of the painting as the crows but I'm not quite there yet as these two look more like mockingbirds than crows - have to make them bigger and more massive beaks to be crows.


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, I cringe at the crows pecking at people or living things but love the ideas with the shadow shapes. Perhaps one with a baby crow projecting a villanous shadow on a wall; projecting the future?

suzanneberry said...

nice drawings!

Gaylynn said...

Congratulations to you and Deb for your new positions! I know you both will bring great things to the club!

conservativelybohemian said...

I rather liked your stream of consciousness writing today! Love the birds, mocking or black or otherwise. You can feel their liveliness! So glad you had a couple other members step up to the plate too!

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, to my mind I was looking at the crows as doctors, looking for the source of the pain - perhaps totem animals trying to heal the pain. Didn't even think of them pecking at the neck! ha ha Maybe because I feel positively towards crows while others feel negatively?

Thanks, Suzanne, for visiting and taking the time to comment :)

Thanks, Gaylynn, not much congratulations due: we were the only ones who would take the jobs! ha ha

Sherry, I guess it was pretty stream of consciousness. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stick to art and nothing else?