Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You won't regret watching this 1 hour Nature program.  Check your local PBS stations to see if you get it in your area.  Sweetie and I have watched it twice and enjoyed it both time.  The photography is fabulous and the story is so unusual and beautiful.  I think I may even buy the book to find out more about Joe Hutto's experiences as he raises 16 turkeys from eggs to adulthood, experiencing their lives on the daily basis.


And, no, it is not anti-Thanksgiving turkey in any way.  Hutto makes it very plain that the wild turkey is as different from our domesticated turkey as a wolf is from a dog.

And if you don't get the Robert Genn Weekly emails, you should check out this one - the current clickback at the top is something all of us should watch.  So get a cup of something, sit back and really watch and listen to this video created by Louis Schwartzberg of movingart.  It will change your day.


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I've enjoyed so much your link to the critique article, thank you so much for sharing it Rhonda! <3

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks for sharing....this was an awesome post.

Gary L. Everest said...

Good Morning Rhonda,
Michele and I watched the PBS story about the turkeys and were amazed and touched by it.
Have yet to see the other item you recommended.
Have a great day.

Gaylynn said...

Rhonda, Thank you for sharing the video on Robert Genn's clickback. It was absolutely beautiful! Very poignant for this holiday of gratitude.

Cindi said...

thanks for the recommendations will check them both out.. just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very happy thanksgiving...

Ginny Stiles said...

OMG the video from Robert Genn was splendid! I watched it 3 times with different people and we were teary eyed every time. I actually got it myself before I noted it on your blog too.

Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Ginny Stiles said...

Loved Robert Genn's wonderful post.