Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I must humbly and with much embarrassment apologize to NorthLightShop.  I just received an email from their service which pointed out to me that I DID get the 15% discount - it just wasn't noted on the invoice as such.  I got a book for $16.49 for $14.02 and a book for $21.21 for $18.03.  Yes, math has never been my strong point but I should have checked the prices instead of just seeing there was not discount listed on the invoice.  I apologize and now will fill out all those surveys and things they send without asking for anything to repent for my rush to judgment about them. 

So, if you get their notice and you fill out their forms, do go and order something and get an even deeper discount!  Perhaps time to think about books and DVDs for the holidays?

Please disregard the following rant from me. 

After a long walk, I am in a better mood and the ibuprophen is keeping the pain/achiness away for now.  I'll be fine in another day or so, I promise!

Have you ever ordered from NorthLightShop?  Have you ever filled out one of their surveys?  I just did both.  After taking time to fill out a survey, I was given a code for 15% off an order so I clicked on the link and went to the shop to look around.  Found 2 things I liked and ordered them.  I put the 15% discount code in the box as required and went to check out - and didn't get the 15% discount.  I thought I might be able to catch the problem and get my 15% discount so I emailed with the problem and got a nice thank you and a promise they'd contact me.  I just got a notice that my order (without the 15% discount) was shipped - they are quick about that!  But I've not received a reply to my email about the problem.

That's my rant for the day.  There will be more coming.  I just had another "diagnostic" mammogram - which means 6 views of one breast; which means PAIN like I'd never felt and I came home in tears, feeling like I'd been mauled.  I am sore, achy, and angry.  And I get to go back for another in 6 months after just having 7 views done 6 months ago?  I don't think so.

1.  7 + 6 + ? = how much radiation can you get on my breast before, surprise, it's cancer this time??
2.  How much pain can you take and willingly return for more?  I actually cried out at one time, it was so bad - that was the 4th view (before the tech returned to tell me the Doctor wanted 2 more views).  I told her to get the male doctor in there so I could put his balls in the thing and squeeze them down to see how it felt.  Yes, I did. 

She just laughed.  Fun for her, not so fun for me. 


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience at the mammogram. ((Supportive and gentle hugs)) I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, sounds like an awful day....but you are back home now safe and sound. Big hugs form me too.....

Jane said...

Mammograms HURT ! Unfortunately they haven't invented anything pain free yet, but don't be angry. You are not alone.
And the little misunderstanding with the discount was actually funny..at least to read about it, but I know you must have felt so imbarrassed !
All the best.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my Rhonda, sorry to hear you are enduring painful mammograms. Do they use the "comfort touch" pads on their machine? I've had these used for years and have much less pain or discomfort. I am quite fibrocystic and have some trouble too. But, those "comfort touch" pads are a lifesaver. Hope you feel better.

Jeanette said...

Mammograms were invented by the devil - and a man. Surely to God in this day and age, you'd think there would be a better way to get an impression of human tissue than this barbarism, wouldn't you?

All done now, to hell with them about going back in 6 months!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much for the support, Lisa, Maggie, Jeanette! Jeanette - I have that same attitude now!

Jane, yes, I guess it's funny to be so adamant about being wrong but it is embarrassing, too :( Oh, well, better to laugh, right?

Carol, the problem is I have calcifications deep in the tissue - I've never heard of comfort touch pads and don't think it would matter - it's the pressure and how much they have to apply to see deep into the tissue that causes all the pain. Still taking ibuprofen 2 days later = can't be good for your body to feel this damaged :( Since they consider it a pre-cancerous condition, they want to watch it more closely but I don't think I can do it again in 6 months.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Michele feels your pain, too. Sadly, I can offer but a single word, in honor of your "One Word Wednesday" posts:


It's truly too bad when the diagnostic procedure to perhaps save one's life drives you away. There must be a better way and for all women, everywhere, I hope it's soon discovered and widely distributed.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Reading this late and surely hope you are out of pain. I have recently read of a new way of being checked without the squeeze. I'm hoping my memory kicks in and I can recall. Yes, radiation can't be good for this. Gentle hugs and prayers for better solutions are surrounding you.

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, someone told me today they read this on my blog and were sorry I had so much pain with it - they then said, "And you are NOT a WIMP!" Meaning, if it was that bad for me, what must it be like for women who can't stand even a little pain. I wonder, though, if I am a wimp?

Pam, let me know if you remember the other option - I'm willing to try anything besides this monstrous, evil procedure!!