Sunday, November 20, 2011


I checked my Followers on the sidebar and found 4 new followers and was preparing to do a Sunday Sharing feature of their blogs (the ones who have blogs).  Then they all disappeared.  Perhaps it's a Blogger glitch and they will return...when they do, I'll be glad to feature them on my blog.  Strange.

Today is the final day for the Viewpoint show (1 - 4 pm) and my sister and BIL are going to see the show this afternoon.  Then all artists who have not sold a painting pick up their painting from 4 - 6 pm.  I was actually in 5 shows this year, 2 of them juried.  Not bad for me.  2012 may be a year for me to expand a bit and try for the Ohio Watercolor show or the Kentucky Watercolor Show or even the Indiana Watercolor Show; but haven't decided that yet. 

Hope you all are having a good day.  I was awakened by the neighbor's Dachshunds this morning before 7 am.  They bark at everything and everyone; they even run up into your yard and bark at you as you get into your car = annoying.  But when they stopped barking (gues they'd gone back inside), I heard an owl softly hooting.  So I thought I'd share this photo with you, taken by Sweetie, at his Raptor Rehab volunteer job.

This is Kentucky,
a great horned owl. 

Photo by Jerry H. Carpenter


Carrie'sCreations said...

I had several followers disappear also, I thought maybe, glad to hear it's a glitch and I'm not losing momentum:) Congrats on all of your shows, that's great!

Olivia said...

Incredible eyes !Bises.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous owl!

Sadami said...

We all love you! Don't worry!!ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carrie! I usually just do 1 or 2 a year so this was a busy year for me.

Olivia and Sherry, Jerry takes some outstanding photos of the raptors and all other birds, too.

I think it was a glitch in Blogger that removed the new followers because the last time I looked, they were back - if they stay, I'll feature them for the next Sunday Sharing :)

LOL, Sadami! I know! I just wondered how Blogger put them on and then took them off like that - the same 4 followers! ha ha

jgr said...

I've 'lost' a few followers too, I thought they had just decided to "un"follow me LOL! Your owl photo is gorgeous!