Sunday, August 14, 2011


We had some rain last night/this morning so released a few more of the little hoppers - 4 more out into the wild of the backyard.  Here are some photos from Sweetie as they landed on the leaves in trees.  They are turning less bright green and more a mottled green and gray - hence the name:  Gray Treefrogs.  Cute little guys and girls, all the same :)

That means we have 7 more hoppers inside being fed and one that is not going to make it - I was calling him Pokey but Sweetie says he has air inside him and won't develop :(  So out of 23 tadpoles all became frogs but one.

The three photos above taken by Jerry H. Carpenter

Here's what's on the table now:  7 little froggies in a single container and one tadpole that won't turn (that is still in the large pan of water).  Once they have just back legs, they are moved to a container that has a little bit of water in the bottom; when they have back and front legs and the tail is being absorbed, they are moved to a dry container and fed tiny crickets - and in this clear container, they are cute to watch stalking and catching those little crickets :)


We'll probably have them for another week and then the tadpole to frog story will be over for this year.

I hope you've enjoyed following their transformation!



Dabs said...

Ronda... I've enjoyed following the little tree frogs story.... see them grow and be released, thanks for sharing that with us!

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks so much for doing this, Rhonda.....I, for one, have truly enjoyed it. You are a dear!

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Dabs! Glad you enjoyed the journey of the little frogs from tadpole on to freedom :) We'll see if they all return next spring!

Carol, you're welcome - it was your idea, dear and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

hw (hallie) farber said...

I'm sad about Pokey. You and your Sweetie did a great thing--there should be an award.

Sadami said...

Hi,Rhonda&Sweetie or Step Parents for Hoppers!
The close ups are so nice. I do not know why but I cannot find that frog in Sydney. In Japan, they are called, "Rain frog" and I loved them. Thank you for a nice medicine for my nostalgy.

AutumnLeaves said...

You've done such a marvelous job with them, Mommy. Your heart must be full to bursting with how well they have grown up. So sad to see the lost little one.

RH Carpenter said...

Hallie, it's odd but Pokey no longer has the belly full of air and is swimming right-side up again - there may be hope!!

Sadami, I like the name Rain Frog - they do like water and when it rains they are more vocal.

Autumn, they are so cute I don't want to let the last ones go - but what would I do with 7 frogs? ha ha