Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Still lifes are part of Suzanne McDermott's online course in drawing and watercolor.  We are in week 7 already of an 8-week course and 4 of us have decided to continue another 4 weeks!  I really recommend it if you want a refresher to your drawing and watercolor painting or if you are new and need help learning.  If you're interested and want more information, just go here for Suzanne's information on her September course - still time to sign up, I think!

I did this drawing in graphite earlier in the course.  Calling it Eat More Fruit :)

I ate the apples, Sweetie ate the bananas and the lemon is still in the fridge.

An artist friend, Jane James, says when she can't think of anything to paint she always paints pears.  Seems like a good thing to do.  They aren't too complicated and you can play with composition or not - or just paint the shapes.  In fact, you can probably just make up the shape of pears if you don't have one or two in front of you.

So I guess this one is called Eat More Pears (or maybe Have You Lost Weight?)

I did this with graphite, too, and it looks soft - I guess I don't like hard lines in my drawings so soften everything as I go along.  I don't mind the soft look but some people might.

Tomorrow, I'm going all the way to Indiana (yes, an hour's drive for me through ubiquitous orange barrels) to see Deb Ward and Sharon (she doesn't have a blog, bad girl!) to paint and gossip and laugh and have fun.  Haven't done it for ages and it's about time to get back to it - if I can stand the construction and crazy drivers who think 55 MPH Work Zone means that's just for me and they can play Indy 500 all they want along the way.  Anyway, I'll take my magnolia painting and finish it there, I hope.


jgr said...

I love the pears!!! I don't think they are too soft, they're beautiful. Safe travels tomorrow/

Carol Blackburn said...

Safe trip! Don't forget to stop and buy some fruit.

Sadami said...

Drawings look good and delicious. (*I'm having bananas and apples,too.) Safe trip and do not forget coming back.

Jeanette said...

These are very good drawings and your ability shows through clearly. I'm an empassioned believer in drawing skills and love to see them.

AutumnLeaves said...

You are an hour from Indiana? Me too! Do we live in the same state? And I think the graphite pieces are awesome!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jane :)

Carol, I admit, I don't eat enough fruit.

Sadami, thanks! Sounds like a good treat or breakfast??

Jeanette, your belief in drawing shows in your own work which is always a cut above :)

Autumn, are you in OH or KY or IL? I'm in KY and Deb is not that far from Cincinnati but a bit farther for me in Northern KY.

Jane said...

Imagine showing up in someone else's blog! Quite a difference in the drawings, Rhonda. It looks like you're looking more at the lights and darks and not the outline. Good job!
The pears don't look too sort, in fact I think the shades on the pears themselves could be softened. Right now they look like metal pears with the hard values.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Love the softness of your pears and you've got me giggling with the titles :) Safe travels and have lots of fun :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jane and Pam. Jane, you are right about them looking metal - because the highlights are too hard-edged! Good eye :)