Saturday, June 11, 2011


After spending time working on and seeing two separate shows at the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati (WACC), I decided I should join.  They seem like such an active group and have all mediums represented in their membership.  Today at noon they had a luncheon for new members and I went to see what they offer.  I was a bit nervous (as I always am when meeting new people) since I didn't know if I would know anyone there.  (There is some overlap with the members from the Cincinnati Watercolor Society but not a lot.)

Well, the luncheon ended with a tour of the building and studios (there are 4 studios rented in the complex) and lots more talking about art.  I even signed up for my first duty as a new member - an easy one:  checking in members at the September meeting along with a long-time member.  They have new members do this as a way to get familiar with members, names, faces - a good idea.

Many of the board members were hosting the luncheon and there were 8 new members (if I counted correctly) BUT the WACC got 40 new members this year - that's quite a growth spurt.  They now have about 250 members in all so it's a big organization with lots going on every month, including tours of gardens, galleries, etc. as well as talks by artists and many events to raise money for "The Barn."  Sounds like I could be very busy with the group or sit and wait to know everyone and see where I fit in the best.  And 2 of our watercolor society members (President, Eileen Hulsman and Treasurer, Alice Fosset, were there as new members) were there, too.

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