Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here's another non-art blog that is listing watercolor blogs and I was included again.  I'm thinking, once you get in one of these, they share them.  Some great blogs in here but some mistakes - my blog is definitely not focusing on ONE aspect of watercolor (I'm all over the place) and Chris Beck is definitely NOT a male artist.  Oh, well...

Something to share until I get some new stuff going.

Some news:
My favorite brother-in-law, Jeff McLemore, is a professional musician and is working on a new cd.  He has asked me to provide some artwork for the cover!!  How cool is that???
So far, he's chosen this one:

Which I've renamed now to
Blue Moon for Mac :)
The cd is a bluesy, jazzy mix of songs and is coming along really well.  He hopes to have it ready to sell this month!  I'll keep you posted on how it goes and show you the final when it's ready.  He's going to pick out 2 or 3 more since the cd will be in a wallet-type foldout holder.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Love your moon piece! That will make a great CD cover. Congrats!!

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Congratulations! Your blog is the best! Glad to see that you are getting the recognition that you deserve:)I also love the moon painting.

Jeanette said...

Great atmospheric piece, I like it and will set the tone for a blues/jazz cover.

The link is a bit suspect and I'd be wary of it. Not that you're not well worthy of being included, but an ultrasound technician site promoting watercolourists? Seems a bit off, but you never know. I know Chris had mentioned this previously and had some issues with it I believe.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Pam :)

Leslie, I'm not sure why medical blogs do this but I guess it draws more viewers to their own site?

Jeanette, thanks.
I've been in 3-4 of these non-art sites so far and they seem to recycle some of the same art blogs - not sure who is actually running them but I usually get an email from the person telling me I'm in their site. This one I just found - I hope it doesn't cause problems with anyone who clicks on it. I think they just scour the blog world and come up with things they think others will like? Of course, this is the first one who didn't get the information correct.

Carol King said...

AWESOME! That's fantastic that your artwork will be on your brother-in-law's CD cover.

I was listed in that website too. I could never figure out what being an ultrasound technician and water color have to do with each other.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol. Well, they have good taste, whoever did the blog posting :) ha ha