Wednesday, March 9, 2011


"I don't see much sense in that," said Rabbit. "No," said Pooh humbly, "there isn't. But there was going to be when I began it. It's just that something happened to it along the way." --- Winnie the Pooh

Something that is supposed to be, isn't.  Something that wasn't supposed to be, is.  That's life. 

That certainly illustrated my life yesterday.  By late afternoon I was sicker than I'd been in a long long time.  Migraine Deluxe!  With all the attendant woes that come from that (you know, if you are a migraine sufferer and I don't need to go into all that).  And then, while trying to sleep I got two phone calls:

1.  Telling me not to have any caffeine from that time o

n (it was 4:30 pm and I had been drinking nothing but water and gatorade through the day).

2.  Telling me the test was canceled because my insurance company wouldn't approve it.

So...that didn't add to my pleasure at all.  But I was just as glad because, honestly, I didn't think I was going to live through the day anyway so why bother with a stress test?

But today...

Is another day.

And the migraine is gone (except for the leftover feeling of being run over by a truck), and I'll take it easy today.  (I've had a cup of decaf and a piece of toast and think both will stay in my body as nourishment today).

And I intend to paint something

It's on my table, waiting for me to get back to what I started.


Dee Doyle said...

Rhonda, Been there done that. Migraines are no fun. I really feel for you. Take it easy and enjoy a painting day. It looks like a great start!

Carol Blackburn said...

Your little yellow parakeets are going to be beautiful, I can tell. Glad you are feeling better.

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hang in there, my Dear. Tomorrow will be brighter as it usually is and headache-free.
I would love to rant for awhile about the state of American health care, but as long as profit/loss and lust for higher share values and dividends drive the bus, I'd just be wasting these zeros and ones.
Have a good rest,

jgr said...

WOW! You've had quite a week-I'm sorry to hear of your water heater woes, and of course I can sympathize with your migraine (I get them too ick!) I'm sending you positive energy and hoping things will soon 'turn around'.

Carol Blackburn said...

Glad you're feeling better. Perhaps you could switch to some 1/2 caf to tide you over so when you have to go caffeine free again it won't be such a stress on you.

debwardart said...

I can relate to it all; my sympathies with the migraine. Before we got married I had one that sent me to the hospital - after I asked Mike to get out his gun and shoot me (which he probably regrets not doing from time to time). Had a horrible old nurse who could not relate, or give me a shot to put me out of my misery - until I puked on her from head to toe. Funny how quickly I got my shot after that! On a happier note - love the birds! Don't think I'm crazy - but they look almost done right now - very happy and light!

RH Carpenter said...

So many people I know have had or do have migraines - some really horrid. I used to be much worse - would have to get shots at the doctors and then would be useless for 2-3 days recovering. But they have eased up in the past decade - so when I get a bad one I have forgotten that some can't just be ignored (pop a pill, go on with your day) but knock you right down. Getting better, though.

Sweetie said, "What do you think caused this one?" Ummm...stress over the hot water heater leaking all over the floor (and having to clean up everything around the heater; doing without water (had to shut off the main valve because hot water heater shut-off valve stuck open); changing my routine for the day because of the test the next day; and stress over the unknowns of the stress test (and thinking about spending 4 hours there). So - a perfect storm!

Carol, I only drink decaf coffee so I don't think I get a lot of caffeine in my system each day - but it could have been a contributer, too.

What fun! But enough of that - the worst is over, and I'm lazy and tired and achy but getting better every hour. I'll be back to 100% tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

Deb, I was very close to going to the hospital for anything to stop the pain - it's really unbelievable - and the nausau (hate that!).

William Cook said...

So sorry you've been so ill. At least it only lasted a little while. Nice birds. That yellow is so refreshing. Wm

Jane said...

Dear Rhonda , really hope you are feeling better now, I think migraines are a female thing, I have had them all my life ( my mother, too,) but I never heard about men suffering from them, lucky ones.
Your birds are looking good..... having used such a bright and happy color, I think you ARE feeling better!

Caroline said...

Your painting is full of sunshine Rhonda, I hope you will be feeling better soon.

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Bill, Jane and Caroline :) Jane, I know men who get migraines but I do believe women are in the majority as sufferers.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Jeez Rhonda! I do know that men do get migraines, but in my brother's case they were called "cluster headaches"! Nevertheless, he couldn't work for a few days and it was just as debilitating as what we females are plagued with!

I love these birds, they are so fresh and welcome. You just relax, let the insurance company come to you and let it all happen, art included! I could regale you with health and car repair issues plaguing me for the past few months, but that would not do anything to make you feel better other than to have you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Hugs to you...Susan

Deb Léger said...

Yikes Rhonda, what a time you're having lately! I hope things settle down for you. In all departments.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

so very sorry to hear of your pain-and frustration.. I actually think the yellow birds are fabulous as is!

RH Carpenter said...

Susan, there's a Buddhist practice where, if you are sufffering you dedicate that suffering to all those who are feeling the same. So when I was so sick and nauseated and Sweetie had gotten me a very large bucket to put beside the bed I thought about all the people going through chemo and how sick they become for days and tried to dedicate my suffering to them. I think it helps to get yourself out of yourself even when you're hurting but it's hard to not be selfish when you're feeling so yuck all over! I know whatever I feel, someone else has felt it. Hope you are healing well and on your way back to 110%!! You mentioned cluster headaches and I think that may be somewhat the way my head was going - started as a "sinus pain and pressure" thing and went into a full blown migraine so maybe that's why it was so bad.

Deb! So glad you posted. I'm doing much better today.

Jan, getting back to 100% now. I've done a bit more on the birds so stay tuned :)

L Young said...

I like those parakeets just the way they are: loose and beautiful. The opposite of what a migraine makes you feel like. Dedicate them to a migraine free day and let your spirit fly like a bird as you paint.

MB Shaw said...

Oh dear, that migraine sounds like a doozy. Glad you are feeling better. You have a lot going on with the tests and such, I am thinking about you :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Linda. They are done and waiting for those eyes to dry before taking another photo of the finish.

Thanks, Mary Beth - a tough couple of days but things are sorting themselves out - I think :)

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Well, don't journal about that day! Lordy, you had a humdinger. No more!! I love you pushing your own suffering out to honor those in distress. Bravo, girl!

Healing thoughts for body and soul are headed your way. I can't thinks of a better color to cheer you than the beautiful yellow on your birds :)

RH Carpenter said...

Pam, you don't think a drawing of a bucket and a collage of what was, eventually, in the bucket would work? ha ha ha ha