Sunday, March 6, 2011


After hitting a plateau for a while of 108 followers, I now have more viewers in the boxes who have blogs I am able to share.  So, for today, let's visit:

1.  William Cook is an artist who makes his living being an illustrator.  And his precise drawing skills show in his more illustrative work.  But that's not where this man stops.  He paints deeply meditative paintings in abstracts that are muted and rhythmic and always want you to enlarge them to see more.  He paints traditional watercolor paintings.  He "sketches" although I can't call what he does with graphite just sketching like my sketching because it's much more developed than that.  He also paints just for the fun of painting - to explore media and color and shape, and he lets you know that, if it doesn't make you laugh, well, at least it made him laugh and that's just as important to carrying on with artwork.  Go over and visit.  You won't be disappointed!  Oh, and he's one of those bloggers who comment on every comment you make - he replies, he wants a conversation with you.  So don't be surprised if you meet a new friend over there :)

2.  Dee Doyle got into watercolor and acrylics after raising her children and retiring from her full time job.  She painted lovely, soft watercolors and bold, bright watercolors; she sketches in public; she is learning figure drawing and is doing some great stuff.  (She just took a workshop from Myrna Wacknov and you know that pushed her in new directions and I can't wait to see more work like she did at that workshop.)  Dee is exploring water media for all it's worth and getting a good foundation in drawing along the way.  She's one to admire on those days you sit there on your behind and say, "I don't feel like it today."  I have a feeling Dee would tell you to get up and "just do it!" 

So, if you're looking for something new and interesting - something you may not have seen before, visit these 2 artists and see what they are doing.  Drop them a comment and expect a comment in reply :) - and enjoy your day, whether it's rainy or cold and snowy or warm and sunny and you just want to see some good artwork today that's new to you. 

Have a creative, colorful Sunday!


Dee Doyle said...

Rhonda, Aren't you the best for "showcasing" my blog. I have been a "lurker" for a while, busy trying to sharpen my tools and hone my crafts [silly metaphor, but, really, that's what I have been doing ...].

It is by virtual networking that, I, too, am learning more and understanding that I am not the only one who ever has a less than productive, or not so creative day. Thank you, and I invite your blog visitors to stop by and maybe sign up to follow. Thanks again!

RH Carpenter said...

Dee, you are most welcome - I love showcasing the people who "follow" me in that little stack of boxes - and am glad when I find people who have blogs to check out. I've already got you on my sidebar now, though, for my future check-ins :)

William Cook said...

Rhonda you are such a sweetheart for featuring my blog efforts like that! I am just thrilled at making new friends, such as yourself, through this venue that I didn't even know existed until my first blog in January. And you're right I can't resist putting my 2 cents in, especially when it advances the art experience. We need way more art in the world these days. Thanks again! \\///\

RH Carpenter said...

Bill, you are most welcome! I love your work and more people should get to know you and your work :) BTW, do you prefer William or Bill?