Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, yesterday was a busy day.  I did get my stress test over and it was interesting.  The techs were friendly and explained things.  Got my heart rate up to 163 which is good and I didn't feel like I was going to fall over.  I didn't notice that I glowed last night with the lights out (from the radioactive isotopes they injected into me twice); and I had 2 separate MRI scans so they should know all about my heart now (or as soon as my cardio reads the reports and sees the scans and everything else).

I feel fine - but tired.

Went to the Newport Aquarium's opening of their new penguin exhibit last night - called Penguin Palooza.  Interesting and entertaining short "show" about the penguins and lots of kids and families and volunteers (it was open for volunteers and their families last night as a thank you for the help at the aquarium).  They have Rockhoppers, Kings and Gentoos and Chin Strap penguins so if you like penguins, visit if you're in the area.  It's in Newport, KY.

And today, I get a new cut and color to make me feel like spring - except it's <40F today and spitting snow!!!

I softened some edges in Tweets and Red Faced so they are both done.  Tweets have eyes, too - and that always makes a pet or person come alive in a painting.  So they are both DONE!

More to share later of a new painting I've started - something silly.


Jane said...

I like all your animals Rhonda, but as i maybe already said are the queen of birds, you really know how to bring them alive.
And we want to see you with the new haircut!!! Picture please!
Take care.

Jeanette said...

Its good the stress test is behind you now. One less thing to worry about.

The penguin exhibit sounds interesting and that little orange fronted guy is so cute. I miss not having a zoo nearby for inspiration. And I always loved the penguins.

L Young said...

Hope all the tests come out fine for you. Hey, how's that new cut and color? The paintings are really nice.

Deb Léger said...

Hi Rhonda, I hope your tests all come back with great results showing. Glad you got through it fine - sometimes those stress tests are really tough. I love your Tweets, they're sooooo cute!

hw (hallie) farber said...

There's no mention of the pear/penguin. Is that one of your paintings? I love it.

Great job with Tweets and Red Faced.

cristina dalla valentina said...

I love your animals, Rhonda! So full of life! Brava!

jgr said...

Oh! Your birds and Monkey are awesome!! I hope all is well with your tests, and I would love to see a pic of your new cut and color. Meanwhile . . stay warm!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jane :) I'll have to paint more birds!

You're right, Jeanette - one less thing to think about now. We have a great aquarium and a zoo close.

Linda, I guess I'll have to show a new photo of me with the new cut/color and new glasses!

Thanks, Deb :)

Thanks, Cristina and Jane!

Hallie, yes, that's an old painting of mine - I was just playing around with making a penquin look like a pear :)

Stay tuned for a new photo of me! ha ha

Caroline said...

I hope the tests go well for you Rhonda you will be pleased they are over for a while now. Your birdies look really nice now you have completed them, very life like the eyes are especially realistic. I wonder what you are painting now!

debwardart said...

Like them both!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Caroline, one less thing to think about :) The echocardiogram will be a piece of cake!

Deb, thanks :)

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Glad your tests are over with, Rhonda! Here's to good reports!!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful for all three paintings!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Pam. I'm with you: I'm hoping for good reports on every one!

SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing