Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I took out my sketchbook containing the figure studies I did when I took classes at Manifest Gallery/Essex Studios.  The sketches are mostly in graphite, some charcoal.

I'll be using them as reference material for small watercolor studies, trying to work on blossoms here and there in the body and nice combinations of colors - using the complements and keeping some of the colors pure.

If these work out well, I'll do larger versions in watercolor.

Here's a start on the first one - Standing Figure.  This is on 11" x 15" Arches cold press 140# paper.

Why go back to these?  I guess nudes were on my mind with all the news about Full Body Scanners at the airports and the 15% of the US who are adamantly against the intrusion and/or the pat-downs given if the scanner is refused.  Jerry and I went through 2 of these on our last trip - both times we were allowed to choose to go through or through the old fashioned kind - no hassle and no problems.  In fact, with Jerry's two replacement hips of titanium, it made our go-through even faster because prior to this option he always had to be taken aside and given what he calls "a nice massage" whenever we traveled.


Harry Kent said...

Nice use of watercolor, Rhonda. Love the way you allow the water to do the work, setting the pigment into expressive and exciting places.

Couldn't agree more with what you say about those vile scans. The truth is the repeated quasi-abusive experience of going through airport security has become a major turn-off for me. Sick of arriving worn out after running those gauntlets, so have spent my money on house renovations instead.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Harry. I do enjoy watercolor when I can let it do its thing and not try to force it as much :) As for travel, I think house renovations are a great idea instead - make your home your own little getaway and you don't have to hassle with flying, lines, lost luggage, rude people, etc.