Sunday, June 20, 2010


I took some time today to go through my art journal created when reading Donna Zagotta's blog. She brings up so many things for you to think about regarding your art! Good stuff to write down and ponder. I highly recommend her blog.

So...I had a sketch in that journal that looked appealing to me - well, part of it did, anyway. So I thought about it...and thought some more...and came up with something I think may be interesting.

The title is Four and Twenty. I am not going to tell you why. You will see when it comes together and I begin painting more on it.

Before throwing paint (fluid acrylic mixed with quite a bit of water in a small container and then flinging the paint at the wall - really fun and freeing!)

After throwing paint. Using Hansa Yellow Medium, Cerulean Blue, Dioxazine Purple and a bit of Raw Sienna. The paint was thrown after the paper was wet with a spray bottle and a brush to wipe it down.

The bright spots are where I've put on Pebeo Drawing Gum to retain some pure white areas.

My Sweetie said it looked like Dexter (from the SHO series) had been at work there when it was over with all the plastic sheeting and the spatter!


Christiane Kingsley said...

Wow! This is a very exciting start. I can't wait to see what you will do with this! Super colors!

Gillian said...

You always have such fun with your artwork. I love the initial wash on this - intriguing!
Hmm - four and twenty blackbirds maybe? ^_~

RHCarpenter said...

Glad you are liking it already and I hope I can keep up the excitement level, Christiane!
Gillian, you get a gold star :) You'll see the birds appear soon.

debwardart said...

. . . blackbirds (aka crows??) Just a wild guess! Have fun!!!

RHCarpenter said...

Sorry, Deb, Gillian already beat you to it! I hope to get more painting done today in between thunderstorms.

Ann Buckner said...

A fun start to your painting, Rhonda. I can see you are going to have fun painting this one vertically.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Rhonda, thanks for your very kind words about my dog collage! this cool drippy wash makes me want to tear it up! AND that's a compliment to you.

Prabha N. said...

I recently bought a spray bottle and i am fascinated with its possibilities. I love your washes Rhonda! One cant have enough of them, can we?

RHCarpenter said...

Ann, it's not easy painting vertically like this with fluid acrylics - I want to go wet wet wet but then it runs runs runs down the paper! I'll have to adjust as I move along.

Elizabeth, your doggie rocks!! I may enjoy just creating the papers in your workshop because this is the really fun part!

Prabha, I am letting some more runs happen but really spraying off what I don't want - before it dries, of course, since this is fluid acrylics. Thanks for stopping by again (I hope you don't mind, I've added your blog to my sidebar so I can check on your work from time to time, too).

Prabha N. said...

Never tried Fluid Acrylics...dunno if its available here. Cant wait to see how your 4 & 20 will turn out :)
You are welcome to add me in your blogroll.

I love the look of Nick's 'La Vida Breve'. And the red swirls on her skirt are utterly delightful.