Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm already learning things about painting bigger and vertically on the wall with fluid acrylics. I think I'd rather paint flat so I can get more juicy merges of color. We'll see. And the lights are so hot I feel like I'm in a sauna...maybe I'll lose a few pounds? ha ha

I really do have something in mind here, and have colors in mind for this - we'll see where she goes from here.
I like the way the blackbirds turned out, putting the pigment on and then letting it dry (which didn't take long in the lights) and then spraying off to get an old, scratchy look :)
There will be plenty of runs in this one, too - hey, what's the point of painting vertically if you don't let that paint run?
I should have gotten more done yesterday but got sidetracked by Wimbledon and Roger Federer's first match! Whew! That was a nail-biter!


Christiane Kingsley said...

Very intriguing subject!I am watching the development of this painting with great interest...I really can't guess how it will look like in its final state.

Does the hot lights have an impact on your paints?

debwardart said...

Those rectangles look 3-D; very cool!

Gillian said...

Ooh, it looks gloopy and delicious. Do you wear a plastic mac whilst painting this? Maybe wellie boots too?

That Federer match was exciting wasn't it. Spare a thought for us Brits -we have only Murray left to cheer for - he's good but he's pretty dour!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane and Deb and Gillian :) Christiane, the lights dry the paint pretty quickly so I may have to use cooler lights.
Deb, they do seem to come forward but I see that I have 2 halves right now - separate color schemes on both sides :( Have time to fix that, though.
Gillian, yes, Murray is hard to root for, I'm afraid, although he's good. Did you watch the Isner/Mahut match??!!!?? I've never seen anything like it! (No Wellies but I do wear an apron over even old clothes!)

Suzanne McDermott said...

Baked in a pie? It looks like the birdies are going to have something to say. (Sing?)

RHCarpenter said...

Suzanne, I don't bake so they'll have to fly free!