Saturday, February 20, 2010


Can't stay on the roof. There's just too much snow that's melted down to ice and icicles hanging off - dangerously long and ferocious looking things! So I'd have slipped off anyway.

Looking through the window, the snowplow trying to clear off the road, pushing the snow to the front of our drives, up around our mailboxes, up the sides of the road. The joys of winter weather. More snow in the forecast? Don't want to hear it!

The sun did shine yesterday - hence the 4 ft long icicles hanging from the roof...when those babies crash down, look out! I can't reach them to knock them off - did a pretty good job on the ones right over the front door but the sides are too high up. It will be interesting to see how long they get before breaking away.

Smudge doesn't go out - he just sits at the windows/doors in the sunroom and looks out. Wonder what he thinks of all that white stuff?


Vicki Greene said...

Oh my, I am so sorry Rhonda. I do hope that it warms up for you soon. I feel like such a whimp after reading your blog since I became a very big whiny baby because it has been getting below freezing at night and in the 40/50s in the day time for a week now. But it is more normal today, sunny & 60s so I will stop whinning. I live in Florida for a reason and I do make a point to not complain (to much) when it is 95 with 100% humidity during the summer.

debwardart said...

At least the last snow is off all the roadways, so that's good, right?? Cannot believe you climbed up to push off the icicles - you are either very brave or very stupid (your choice!) We are just waiting for the loud crash and hope they don't pierce the roof they are overhanging!

RHCarpenter said...

Well, we all get to whine sometimes, Vicki :) No shame in it as long as it doesn't become weeping uncontrollably and that would never happen, right? ha ha We are going to get rain after some melting...and then freezing rain - oh boy!!! I'm going to have to get our my Olympic skis...or maybe those golden blades for ice racing?
Deb, I wasn't actually on the roof - just kidding about that. I don't do heights even when it's dry up there. I opened the window, leaned out with my broom and broke them off - hearing the crash and not really caring what was underneath them was very satisfying until Jerry said, "If you move to the right you are going to break those right over my car!" Ooops, sorry!