Sunday, February 28, 2010


Changing the colors a bit in the green/yellow hills. I can see a big "whoops" just by his tail - that bright yellow strip isn't going to remain like that (putting this on the computer monitor does show those mistakes you didn't see while working on it). When I work on the crow, I'll be able to overlap and cover up the hard-edged look around his tail, too.

So...I varied the colors in the hills. I added a bit of white rice paper to the sky where some of the canvas/board was showing through just to keep the textured effect. I did the post and I think it's done. And I began gathering dark papers for the crow - reds and greens and blacks and...have to get in some dark blues, too and purples...

Still more work to do and maybe some more layering of the green hills - that single green color needs more breaking up with bits of something else - blue-greens, darker greens toward the bottom, etc. Maybe I'll do that while gathering the darks for the crow.

Again, this is very enjoyable - my only nitpick is all the "glue" I end up with on my fingertips from holding the pieces while gluing the backs of them. But that's a small thing and it won't deter me from doing it (putting on Gloves in a Bottle hand cream before starting seemed to help - I didn't have as much sticky dried glue on my fingers as last time).


RHCarpenter said...

Interesting - I set this up for posting later by giving it a later time - but apparently blogger is having problems with time...posted it no matter what date or time I put on it! It is still February, right??

Christiane Kingsley said...

Rhonda, what an interesting technique and results. Must the collage cover the entire painting? I suppose that otherwise, the difference in layers may give the impression of holes here and there. Is this exhibited as a mixed media?

I am amazed by where your creativity takes you and the various experiments you have done within this nice crows series.

I am looking forward to the collage on the crows. That should be fun and look great.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for listing the steps:0) looks neat.Now that yellow patch you will place another piece of collage over?

And while the gesso was still wet or slightly damp still, could you have placed cut pieces of colored consruction paper into it to give the appearance of layered wings??

Just curious about the process?


P.S.Was going to give you the SUNSHINE AWARD but I see you already recieved one.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane. No, I think you could leave as much of the painting showing through as you want - that's how Elizabeth does her paper paintings - but I thought I should try to keep the layering the same so am going to collage almost everything over...maybe the next one, I'll do half and half :) I would say it's a mixed media piece because it has the acrylics and paper on watercolor board.
Paul, yes, to tone that down, I'll put something else over it so it's not so obvious...this wasn't gessoed (that's another piece). This one began on a piece of watercolor board 11 x 14 and then drawn on and painted on and the collaging over the painting. But now you've given me another idea - gesso and collage!!!