Saturday, February 21, 2009

The SWAP Painting I Sent

Now that my partner has received her painting from me, I can show it. It was something I did, trying to work on shadow shapes and this photo (from WetCanvas) had a good shadow shape that was intriguing. So it's a much darker painting than some of my other peppers - back when I was playing with peppers and whites.

My partner, BK, in Georgia, says she loves it. So that's always a good thing! And I just happened to have a nice mat that fit this one perfectly, so I sent it ready to pop into a frame. I don't cut my own mats so finding mats that fit the sizes I'm painting (because I always forget to paint in a standard size) is not easy. For our SWAP(SharingWithArtistPartners) group, we paint small - either 5" x 7" or 7" x 9" with a slight border so it fits in standard sized mats anyone can pick up.
I love the excitement everyone feels when the first paintings start to arrive and each SWAP we have members from so many countries, it's fun to get a painting and send a painting to - India, Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, the Philippines, etc. Then you can say you are an "internationally known artist." ha ha
I dreamed I was painting last night. But since I'm coming down with something, I may just have to dream about painting until I'm feeling like doing anything but lazing around on the sofa, reading and sipping hot drinks.


Deb Léger said...

Beautiful pepper, Rhonda!!! I love the softness and the light in it and the colour. Beautiful!

Anita's art said...

This shows us so well on your blogspot and I can really appreciate the background green melting into light red. Love the smooth gradation and also the light on the pepper. This inspires me to keep my blog up do date. Stop by some time

Anita Bruce

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Deb. I think I got more involved in the shadow than the pepper, but that's okay, I guess :)

debwardart said...

Oh dear, Rhonda - hope you don't get what I had - I'm up and around but still coughing and stuffy head. Begin taking it easy immediately - I'll be thinking of you. (Glad I didn't give IT to you!)
p.s. Your pepper is great!

BK said...

This pepper is even more beautiful in real life...I'm that lucky swap partner and now have that beautiful red pepper with great shadow and wonderful high lights hanging on my wall. I love it!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Deb, Anita, and BK (I am so glad you like it). Anita, I will definitely stop by your blog - now that I have the link :) Once a week updates will still keep you in the loop enough not to lose watchers so go for it!
Deb, you didn't give it to me :) ha ha and I still don't have anything - I'm wondering if it's just a sinus thing coming and going?